Woody Johnson calls meeting of Jetsí brass

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With only seven games left in the regular season and an undisciplined locker room at hand, New York Jets coach Rex Ryan is praying he can help the team turnaround form a disastrous season. And the coach may be under additional pressure to quickly find a remedy to the New York Jets’ situation after franchise owner Woody Johnson recently held a meeting with key members of his football operation to address the issue.
New York Jets public relations director Bruce Speight confirmed that Woody Johnson had a 45 minutes meeting with senior administrative personnel to “discuss how we can improve our performance moving forward.” Woody Johnson is not yet known for having issued an ultimatum to anyone at the meeting and Bruce Speight also described the conference as “calm and constructive.”
Problems have been piling up for the New York Jets after Woody Johnson and team president Neil Glat met with general manager Mike Tannenbaum, Rex Ryan, defensive  coordinator Mike Pettine, offensive coordinator Tony Sparano, and special teams coordinator Mike Westhoff to discuss their 3-6 start earlier on Tuesday.
"We're 3-6 right now, but I'm going into this game optimistically (that) we're going to win it,” still Woody Johnson optimistically expected form the New York Jets.
Just a day after the secret meeting, the New York Jets were bombarded with a locker room controversy following several reports quoting team officials and players for criticizing backup quarterback Tim Tebow.
Most of the comments couldn’t be traced back since they were contributed by anonymous sources. However, New York Jets left guard Matt Slauson, who was also quoted in the reports, claimed that his comments had been taken out of context from a interview dating back to the training camp.
"Let me tell you something about anonymous guys," Woody Johnson addressed the locker room rumors, later in the week. "Anybody that's anonymous has no credibility. Anonymous people don't speak for the New York Jets…I've been around this for 13 years now – of what's going on. I see this team as really tight-knit.”
Woody Johnson told reporters at the New York Jets’ practice facility in Florham Park, N.J., on Thursday that he was extremely frustrated with the team’s performance so far in the season. Woody Johnson hoped that the New York Jets’ will embark on a more successful run starting with Sunday’s game road against the St. Louis Rams.
"[We're] in a lot of pain this week, again for losing this game  It's a miserable experience for us, for the team, for me, I know for our fans, people in the media as well,” Woody Johnson said following the New York Jets’ humiliating 28-7 loss to Seattle Seahawks. “This is a tough thing to lose any game, particularly as many games as we've lost this year.”
However, Woody Johnson strayed from mentioning Tuesday’s meeting with his administrative staff.
While, it’s never a good sign for job security when the boss calls a meeting to discuss staff progress, business is business, and a few of the individuals called in at the meeting could be losing their job by next season if the New York Jets don’t turn things around. 
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