Word on Minnesota Vikings stadium: Lester Bagley hopeful for retractable roof

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While Minnesota Vikings Vice President and the leading figure on the franchise’s new stadium project proposal Lester Bagley may have taken a sigh of relief after the proposal was approved by the senate and signed upon by the governor, his work isn’t over yet. These days, Lester Bagley is busy assembling a planning and construction team for the new stadium. Lester Bagley is also frequently engaged in managing public relations, community relations and to communicate stadium related issues to the Minnesota Vikings front offices.
Thus in a recent interview, Lester Bagley dished out the latest news on the stadium front and described the earliest stages in the Minnesota Vikings efforts to execute the stadium plans.
Lester Bagley revealed that he is currently occupied by assembling a legal team comprising of local and international expert who have insight into the “stadium development deals.” A financial team is also amongst the binding necessities of the $975 million stadium project from which, $477 million of the funding will come from the Minnesota Vikings. Lester Bagley stated that an owner’s representative (functioning as a firm) is also required to for communication purposes.
Lester Bagley further revealed that foremost requirement for accomplishing the stadium dream, a construction team is still to be organized by the franchise and to be supervised by an on sight project manager.
When stadium was asked about the team’s decision on whether it was going to shift the training facility in the Eden Prairie and the front offices to the new stadium, Lester Bagley revealed that the stadium plans did not hold enough capacity to accommodate the training facility as well. Lester Bagley steed that for now the although the Minnesota Vikings are facing many challenges at the training facility, the Winter Park may have to suffice for now until the stadium project is headed in a clear direction, Hopefully by then the Wilf family who have ownership to the Minnesota Vikings, and the team will be able to sit down to deliberate on that matter, so as to derive an on-site solution or locate the training facility elsewhere.
Lester Bagley also discussed his aspirations for the Minnesota Vikings stadium and the features he would like to focus on in the project. He said that the Minnesota Vikings were aiming for a “signature facility that is unique to this market,” but such a project may require critical analysis from the designers and architects.
In a broader sense, Lester Bagley described the new facility as a “people's stadium” that is capable of hosting basketball, baseball, soccer events for all categories ranging from “college, amateur and high school.” However, Lester Bagley observed that designing the stadium to accommodate all such events may raise the project costs.
Lester Bagley also discussed a long awaited feature of most modern day stadiums sacred to all die-hard Minnesota Vikings fans: the retractable roof.
“(For now) it’s a fixed-roof facility,” said Lester Bagley. “But if we can cut costs, manage costs, our goal is to have a retractable feature. Some retractable feature, we think, is important. That's the one thing we're working on.”
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