World Cup "head butt" rivals reunite for Visa commercial

Zinedine Zidane reunites with Italian head-butt rival — for a Visa commercial

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Blog Photo - World Cup "head butt" rivals reunite for Visa commercialIt's been eight years since French soccer star Zinedine Zidane dropped a head-butt on his Itailan rival to turn a boring tie-game World Cup Final into a hilariously memorable and meme-worthy World Cup Final. But Visa is guessing that enough soccer fans worldwide remember the incident that they've released a new commercial promoting the 2014 World Cup that reunites Zidane with his Italian rival from the butt seen 'round the world.

While headbutter Zinedine Zidane stars in the Visa commercial, the Italian player who got headbutted does not. That would be Marco Materazzi, who is also now retired. Instead, the commercial features Italian World Cup Champion Fabio Cannavaro, who was on the field playing for Italy at the time of the head butt however not the recipient of the butt-ery goodness.

Obviously, it would be funnier if it were the head butt victim. But it's still pretty funny for a Visa commercial! You can see the Zinedine Zidane-Fabio Cannavaro Visa commercial below.

The English language version of the ad is available at Creativity Online. It's the exact same ad, though the English language version is not yet available on Youtube. But you can bet your butt that they will run the heck out of the English language version of this ad during the 2014 World Cup broadcasts on ABC and ESPN.

Blog Photo - World Cup "head butt" rivals reunite for Visa commercialThe head butt incident has since been immortalized in a giant 16-foot statue in Qatar, home of the 2022 World Cup. The statue was unveiled in Paris in 2012, moved to a public square in Qatar the following year and then moved to the Arab Museum of Modern Art after people complained that it promoted poor sportsmanship.

The Visa commercial makes no references to the infamous head butt incident. Is Zidane unwilling to participate in any jokes that reference his World Cup head butt?

I'll ask him, once I put some protective gear on my head and chest.
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