World Series

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsThis year's World Series has been great with both teams making great plays, timely hits,and most important the umpires doing his job. Yes that is right, in game one we had a call where the umpire called the runner out because from his view the the ball came out on the exchange. Which if that was what really happen he would be correct, and seeing how it is a judgement call, it is against MLB rules to argue it. So you wonder why I said the umpires did his job, because the umpires at the other positions could see that there was no exchange, so this went from being a judgement call to misinterpting the rule which now can be question. So the umpires got together all said what he saw and the second base umpire change his original call. No he was not overturn by others simply listen to the other umpires and made the correct call. When you work with people and respect them, then you can have others tell you what they saw and if more then 90% of claim to see something different most people would change the call to the correct one. This is how it is suppose to work, but through out the regular season and past season alike it has not happen. So Joe Torre went on national TV and embarassedd himself by saying this is the way the umpires have always worked. They have a secret sign and when one or more of them have seen something else they show the secret sign, then huddle to talk and then make the correct call. I laughed as he stood there straight face and lied, Joe if this was so true then why on God's green earth are you and others in MLB are pushing for instant replay and now to extend its used? If the umpires did his job and when a play would be in question got help 98% of the calls blown would be corrected. No need for instant replay, if you think I am wrong look at Little League World Series they use it and now most of the calls are correct prior to going to instant replay and when it does instant replay only changes less then 2%.

Now we move to the obstruction call at third base by Jim Joyce, which was without doubt the correct call. The issue I have with it how many times have we as fans seen the second baseman or short stop impede the runner at second and OBSTRUCTION is never called. All the time which is why most of the fans, players, and management sat on national TV saying I have never seen that, how could the umpire call that. I must agree how could an umpire call it if during the season it is never called, I have been saying for years that if the umpires where to do the job and enforce the rules in which they are written we would see less mistakes. Now an issue with that is how umpires are taught in the only 2 schools in Florida which an umpire must attend one if he/she wants a career in MiBL, or MLB. It is called own you call, yes that is right on calls which are normal or believe to be a simply call if an manager comes out and ask you to get help, politely tell him/her I saw it clearly and the call stands. Now it does not matter that everyone in the park saw you made the wrong call you cannot ask for help because at the umpire school it is taught if an umpire does ask for help then he would lose the respect of players, manager and fans and after allowing it no one would ever trust him judgement in the calls which he would be involved with. Really it is stupid, if someone is a good to great umpire there will not be to many times that his/hers judgement would be in question so this logic has no leg to stand on. Instead if one was to get help and make the right call players, fans, and management would know that this umpire is here to give us the fairest game possible and will not complain as much about the calls.

I have to give the umpires a hand for the calls each one has made in this year's World Series. I only hoped MLB would get rid of instant replay, and let the umpires do his job and give the players and us fans the fairest game.   
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