World Series Game 6 Live Thread: Philadelphia Phillies vs New York Yankees

Can Pedro Turn The Tables On The Yankees, Or Will We See #27 Tonight? [World Series Game 6 Live Thread]

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Tonight, Pedro Martinez and Andy Pettitte will face off in a retro matchup of two of the better pitchers we've seen over the past decade or so. Martinez has the benefit of full rest, while Pettitte is taking the mound on only 3 days rest, and we'll see if that effects his performance.

61% of FanIQ users picked the Yankees to win, and take home the Commissioner's Trophy for the 27th time. Personally, I think the Phillies will win this one, because I think their bats will come alive against Pettitte, much like they did against AJ Burnett.

One of the big problems for the Phillies could prove to be their bullpen, however. If I were Charlie Manuel, I wouldn't have a ton of confidence in the guys coming out of the pen.

The game starts at 7:57 pm EST on FOX. If you're watching the game, chat it up here, and as always, enjoy the game!
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