Would Warriors over Mavs be the greatest NBA playoff upset?

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Bruce Jenkins of the San Francisco Chronicle says it most certainly would.

I don't know about you guys, but this is the most exciting playoff series for me since Jordan played. This is why we love March Madness so much. Cinderella owns March, but hardly ever presents itself during the April, May, and June.

Golden State is mesmerizing to watch. They're explosive on offense  with a handful of players who can change momentum on any play. The Bearded-one, J-Rich, Pietrus, and the still underrated Monta Ellis. Not to mention newcomers Stephen Jackson and Al Harrington who aren't lacking in explosive potential. The Warriors also befit their nickname on the defensive end. Relentless. And you can't laud the team without mentioning Don Nelson, one of the best in the game. Ever. You see, this is my problem with calling the Warriors the greatest upset ever. They're too damn good to be an 8-seed. They're far better than that Denver Nuggets team was in 1994.

Jenkins argues:
That was good stuff -- but not as unlikely as what we're seeing right now. Denver's playoff drought had been a mere three seasons, to the Warriors' 12.
That's a good point, but compare the lineups. Compare that Denver trailed 2 games to 0. There were some other upsets before my time that I just can't judge, so Mutombo clutching the basketball above his body remains my biggest shocker.

But there's no question which upset is/could be the most entertaining. (as an aside, this will test the CF curse theory I have)

Source: (SF Gate)
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