Xavi Hernandez defends Spain and hails Italy as a “competitive opponent”

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Blog Photo - Xavi Hernandez defends Spain and hails Italy as a “competitive opponent”
It doesn’t take a Spaniard to admit that Xavi Hernandez has played an integral role in Spain’s recent success in international tournament. Well, Xavi Hernandez wants to increase his heroic performances for Spain. In an interview on Saturday, Xavi Hernandez told reporters that he wants his name to be written in history as the man who took Spain to victory in Euro 2012.
If Spain manages to win Euro 2012, La Furia Roja would become the first nation to win three major international tournaments consecutively. Xavi Hernandez has played a pivotal role in Spain’s midfield in the last four years. The central midfielder truly compliments Spain’s slick game play which taken over the world like an unstoppable storm.
“You've got to enjoy playing in a final, but the main thing is that you win it,” Xavi Hernandez said. “The thing that stays in people's minds after a tournament is the winner. Yes, we've already made history, but you have to do more and that means winning this tournament.
“You make history by winning finals and winning this one would mean a lot more because it would be a milestone that no one has achieved so far.”
Spain’s game play has been under a lot of criticism at Euro 2012. Many critics suggest that Spain gave birth to the beautiful game play of possession and passing, but more recently they have over done it which has not only deteriorated their performance but also destroyed the image of their beautiful game play.
Xavi Hernandez believes Spain should stick to strengths and run their game play in spite of all the criticism. Xavi Hernandez also paid a tribute to Italy’s impressive performance at Euro 2012.
Regarding the criticism of Spain's style, Xavi believes that they should stick to their beliefs, even if events don't run to plan, before paying tribute to Italy's performance at Euro 2012.
“I think football has been fair. It hasn't been easy, “Xavi Hernandez said defending Spain against critics. “Our commitment to the way we play wasn't appreciated by many before, but it is clear that it is the right path for Spain - a path that we must stick to even if things don't go our way.
“Italy has always been a competitive opponent. Its style of play has changed a lot. It has a lot of players who want to get on the ball, packing out the midfield with a diamond formation. Pirlo dominates the midfield, with Balotelli and Cassano up front. The team doesn't play the Catenaccio system anymore, so the players are further forward.”
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