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I have been a Mariner's fan since I can remember. I have seen this team during good and not so good times. This year has been beyond frustrating! In all my years of watching baseball this is the WORST team that I have ever seen. I actually believed they had a shot at taking the AL West from LAA. I am embarrassed to write that. This team sucks. They have no heart, leadership and no character. That doesn't even go into what they lack talent-wise. Here is the M's report card thus far:


Does anyone on the Mariner's know that the object of the game is to hit the ball? Judging by the stats I would say "no." This team is just rancid at the plate. I don't know what else to type. I have never seen such incompetence before. They got smoked by Ponson (who is not a major league pitcher....slow pitch softball at best) and then got trashed by Padilla (should not be a starter). Are you kidding me?? What do the hitting coaches and the players do all day. Do they know there is a problem? Or is the fact that they make millions enough so they don't care?

Grade: F - I would give them something worse if I could.


The fielding of the Mariner's has been an utter joke since day one this season. They can't field or throw. Sometimes this year I thought they were playing blind-folded. It's funny when you are at a game and these players ignore the fans. Obviously they haven't been humbled by their suckiness. Fielding is practice and coaching. Do we have or do either??

Grade: D-


Starting pitching has been acceptable, I guess. King Felix and Silva have sucked recently but have done OK for the most part. Bedard has been OK. Batista should NEVER-EVER be allowed near a pitching mound again. Washburn has earned a spot in the 'pen with his horrible pitching. But idiot McLaren will be stubborn and leave these jokers as starters. All of the guys throw way too many balls. Coaching or practice anyone???

Grade: C


The bullpen. The worst, I think, in the history of baseball. None of these guys should be in the Majors. Baek, Lowe, Rowland-Smith and Green should have to pay admission to get into the ballpark like the rest of us. Putz, Morrow and Rhodes get a pass because of past success or possible potential. Why McLaren doesn't call others up is beyond me. If the M's don't have anything better than this in the minors then our future is bleak. These guys super-suck. McLaren will continue to give them the ball though.

Grade: F -again if I could I would give them something worse.


Coaching was supposed to be a strength of this team. It might be but that isn't saying much of anything. This team is a mess and has hit the abyss. There is no accountability or leadership on this team. None. That is the skippers job and he has failed in such a bad way. He says the same thing over and over, nothing changes, the team sucks at a historic pace. Good job McLaren and bunch.

Grade: F


Well there you are M's fans. Overall our grade is an "F." I thought this team would be a contender but in reality they aren't even a pretender.

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