Yankees 2013 Season Preview

Hanging in the balance: W2W4 from the 2013 Yankees

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Yep, this guy.

Biggest addition: Kevin Youkilis. Pretty strange, huh? With basically every single Yankee bat injured, Youkilis, if he can remain healthy, will provide some stability to the lineup. He'll look at at least 44 pitches per at-bat, play his usual brand of unspectacular but solid, error-free defense, be it at 3rd base or 1st, and now that he's shaved his beard, he literally resembles a rock. 
Biggest lossNick Swisher. Not only have the Yankees lost his famous friendship skills, but Swish consistently gave the Yankees about 25 HRs and 85 RBIs over the past 4 seasons. Sure, he's been awful in every single postseason along the way, but if they're not able to replace those numbers they may not even make it that far this time around. Things have gotten tight in the East, to say the least, and if they’re not able to replace his production in the outfield the scales will tilt towards their division rivals.
Wild cardsThe Reinforcements. Where will the Yankees be a month into the season? The answer to this question may be the difference between rushing their stars back from the DL. They are expecting Granderson back mid-May, Teixera back in June, Jeter's return is still entirely up in the air and Michael Piñeda, the young arm bursting with potential but without just one start for the Yankees under his belt, could be back before the Summer. There is little certainty as to what this lineup will look like in the final stretch of the season.

Brett Gardner: Right now this lineup resembles a National League lineup, and if that's going to work out at all in the Bronx, Brett Gardner's going to have to lead the way. When he gets on base the offense takes on an entirely different look, and of course, this begins with staying healthy.

Robinson Cano: Can he give them the MVP-calibur season the Yankees will desperately need out of their best player? Cano sure hopes so, especially considering it's a contract year.

Kevin Youkilis again. Does he not-so-secretly plan to sabotage the Yankees from the inside? Probably. But that's just a chance they're going to have to take. 

The intangibleMariano Rivera's final season. When the going gets tough, the team will, without a doubt, rally around the greatest closer of all time as he takes his victory lap. 
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