Yankees, Angeles, Marlins and Orioles battle for headlines

Oscar-Worthy? Baseball Goes to the Movies!

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They make us laugh. They make us cry. There are hair-raising moments that we will never forget. The drama, the tension, the popcorn and the peanuts, the MLB season is a 162-game cinema playing at a theater near you - sans North and South Dakota, Wyoming, Idaho and New Mexico. A true baseball fan and champion of the game waits all winter and struggles through the madness of March with one simple idea on the cranium, what's playing this summer!? Guess what? Good news for you! As a resident of the Los Angeles area, where we claim titles at leisure, I have ordained myself "Baseball Film Critic," for this week. So, sit back and relax, remember to keep your feet off of the chair in front of you and please turn your cell phone to the "silent" or "off" positions. Thank you. 

These four picks are NOW PLAYING !          Blog Photo - Yankees, Angeles, Marlins and Orioles battle for headlines

1.) The Classic - It's us against the rest of the league, and their fans. The stars of this film are the athletes we have grown to love, and hate - and hate some more. Are they too old? Is this league for the youngsters of present-day commercialism? In a town where losing is not tolerated, or traded to Pittsburgh, the question remains. This summer, Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez, with a final appearance by Mariano Rivera and special cameos by Andy Pettitte and a possible mid-season acquisition, the Steinbrenner family gives you the wonderful classic, "The New York Yankees."           

2.) The Blockbuster -  Watch your ears, Mickey! There is another attraction headed down the 5-freeway, and it isn't Donald Duck. The A.L West is a vast, rough and tough society of World Series hopefuls and playoff renegades.  Who is going to take the prize? Can one team survive the summer and blast into the orbits of September and November?!! There is only one certainty, anything goes! Just outside the confines of Los Angeles, assembly was completed on what looks like the answer, on paper. But, paper doesn't win rings, players do! This summer, from the producers that brought you the "rally monkey" and Mark Langston. In an effort to regain supremacy in the west. A 155-million-dollar-plus cinematic spectacle starring Albert Pujols and C.J Wilson. It's the Blockbuster known as, "The Los Angles Angles of Anaheim." 

3.) Titanic "Rip-Off" - Construction took a few years, but the R.S.S Showalter looks to be in good shape. Many experts believe this vessel is unsinkable and will stay afloat on the choppy seas of the A.L East. However, history has a way of repeating itself. However, history has a way of repeating itself ( See what I mean.) And many of the experts do not realize the A.L East seas are not choppy, they are calm, like a mill pond. This will make the icebergs known as the Yankees, the Red Sox and the Rays difficult to see. Eventually, they will run into one of them and sink to the bottom, where it will take another 15 years to locate the wreckage - or make into a 3-D film. This summer, Adam Jones, Matt Wieters and Nolan Reimold star in homage to Jack and Rose. Camden Yards brings you, "The Baltimore Orioles."

4.) Broadway Theater - Drama, salsa flavors and a ball park that looks like it fell out of a pinata, set the scene for this wonderful epic on the diamond stage. It's "West Side Story" meets the "Guy who was fired from the west side."   A misunderstood man, because you can't understand him. Did he just say, "It's hard to play when raining, but we have athletic men," or "It's raining men?"  He wants to win the N.L East, but so do the other rival gangs. This summer, from the beach where you can take your talents. "Chin Music" numbers by Josh Johnson and dance choreography by the guy selling hot dogs in row 27. Jose Reyes and theatrical drama star Ozzie Guillen, do their first number together in Miami's own, "The Miami Marlins."

Make sure to check your local listings for upcoming times on these doozies. And as always, there will be more to come in the ever-changing landscape of the MLB season.

Until then, keep your glove on, and no talking during the feature presentation!

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