Yankees refused to give up Phil Hughes, Ian Kennedy or Joba Chamberlain for Miguel Cabrera

The Yankees could have had Miguel Cabrera, but didn't want to give upů Who?

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Oct 19, 2013; Boston, MA, USA; Detroit Tigers third baseman Miguel Cabrera (24) hits a single during the sixth inning in game six of the American League Championship Series baseball game against the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park. Mandatory Credit: Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY SportsAs the Yankees head into the 2014 season, they're looking for ways to cut payroll and still fill the many holes in their roster that will be left after all of their free agents depart.

One of the biggest holes is at 3rd base, where they're desperately hoping Alex Rodriguez will be suspended for at least a full year, saving them about $30 million.

Imagine if they weren't stuck with an aging and controversy-laden A-Rod, and instead had the best hitter in the game manning the hot corner.

That could have been a possibility, as Drew Fairservice of TheScore.com points out. He tweeted out a link from a 2007 article that discussed the Yankees' trade negotiations when the Marlins were trying to shop Miguel Cabrera.

The Yankees were one of the teams interested, but like everyone else, they had to draw the line somewhere.

Where exactly was that line?

The Yankees were willing to give up almost anyone for Cabrera, except their "big three" young pitchers. Those pitchers are Ian Kennedy, Joba Chamberlain and Phil Hughes.

In hindsight, the Yankees could have given up all three of those pitchers and the trade STILL would have been considered one of the biggest steals of all time in their favor.

That could have been the deal that changed the Yankees' future forever. If they had Cabrera on the roster, they might not have been in such a hurry to sign A-Rod to that ridiculous extension in December of 2007, when they gave him an additional 10 years and $275 million.

Without that albatross, the Yankees would actually be in decent shape right now. Would Cabrera's arrival have let the Yankees dodge that bullet?

It's interesting to think about what might have been, and it's crazy to think that the Yankees passed on a chance to acquire Miguel Cabrera because they didn't want to part with Kennedy, Hughes and Chamberlain.

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