Yao Ming Tired Of Tracy McGrady Being Injured, Wants McGrady Gone

Yao Ming Is Tired Of Tracy McGrady Being Injured, Wants Him Gone

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The Rockets are having a pretty decent year so far, with a record of 24-16. They're definitely better than they were at this exact time last year, when they 20-18.

But it seems all is not well in Houston, mainly because Tracy McGrady is injured yet again. Or not really injured, he's just taking two weeks off to do his "offseason conditioning routine" that he didn't get to complete over the summer because he had to have surgery.

Keep in mind, McGrady already sat himself down for two weeks earlier this season because his knee was sore. That first incident pissed off the Houston Chronicle enough that they actually put a ticker up on their web page alerting fans of how much money McGrady was pulling in while sitting on the pine.

And now it seems it's not just the media that's getting sick and tired of McGrady sitting himself down every month or so, because apparently at least one of his teammates wants him shipped out of town. And that somebody is Yao Ming. According to NBA.com's David Aldridge:

The Rockets are putting a positive spin on this, but Waiting for Tracy is a play that nobody in Houston wants to see anymore -- up to and including the big man, Yao Ming.

"They don't speak," an extremely plugged-in person tells me. "And Yao wants him out."

That's not likely this season, as McGrady's $20.3 million is toxic to too many teams' luxury tax plans. Next summer, though, when McGrady will have an expiring, $22.4 million contract, teams may well circle the Rockets looking to make a deal.

Now, my immediate reaction was, how can a guy like Yao, who's averaged more than 28 missed games per year over the past 3 seasons, possibly have anything against McGrady? But then I realized that if a guy as injured as Yao is happens to be pissed off about McGrady, then there must really be a problem here.

And you know what, there is. Yao's missed games have been the result of what I would classify as "real" injuries, like a broken foot. McGrady, meanwhile, seems to just say, "You know what, I don't feel so great, I'm shutting it down for a few weeks." Good thing McGrady never tried for become NFL player.

That's a bad attitude for the best player on your team to have, and it probably also speaks volumes about why McGrady has never gotten out of the first round of the playoffs. He's just not willing to go all out when it's necessary.

So as talented as McGrady is, I'm on Yao's side here. McGrady's attitude as the star of this team is reaching unacceptable levels. Houston would right right to ditch him while they can still get something decent in return.

Houston grows weary of waiting for T-Mac [NBA.com] via [Fanhouse]
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1/21/09   |   mrbailey96

honestly,i think they should wait till next season ,let him go get a decent sg during the draft pay him off and be done with it.

1/16/09   |   LarryL

1/16/09   |   LarryL

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It looks like they patched things up...or not...


1/16/09   |   ubaldofr   |   60 respect

Come on, give the guy a break! T-Mac got injured because he always played his hearts out day in and day out.  He doesn't give a damn just as long the team wins.  Yao? Well, if he could play 50% of the intensity T-Mac plays, I'm sure the Rockets are in the Finals or a finals contender year in and year-out.  Watch him play, Yao always plays outside despite his height.

1/15/09   |   gnx_gel

injuries is always their!!!!!!!!!!..just need to be careful...and no one need to be blamed.

1/15/09   |   LarryL

Is is just me, or does T-Mac always looked like he's stoned?

1/14/09   |   streetballer123   |   3552 respect

What else of T-Mac's is broken- his car? Oh boy- he's gonna need some insurance.

1/14/09   |   Boski93   |   375 respect

And everyone thought Artest would be the problem.

1/14/09   |   WBKsports   |   366 respect

Trade T-Whack for OJ Mayo! Yao may be right, but he would be best not to say anything because he's bit prone to injuries as well!

1/14/09   |   dwyermaker   |   39 respect

I honestly think McGrady is doing the smart thing here.  He knows his body is fading and that in order for the Rockets to make a legitimate run at the Championship they need him at at least 90%.  They are going to make the playoffs with Artest, Yao and Battier, so why not rest up?  The simple fact is that McGrady is no Cal Ripken Ironman-type and his basketball talent has always been far more impressive than any leadership skills he has shown.  The Rockets have to understand this, place Yao and Battier in the leadership positions on the team and gear up for the playoffs.

1/14/09   |   iambackdraft73

Patience is a virtue. If T-Mac is was patient enough to wait till he heals properly and/or if the Houston Rockets was patient enough to let T-Mac heal properly then maybe there will be no one whining about anything....(Whose to say there is no pressure coming from the Rockets organization for T-Mac to play when his not even healthy enough. The pressure makes T-Mac hurry it up and get to playing.) Just my opinion.

1/14/09   |   fred77008   |   17 respect

T-Whack is all about himself.  Pulling himself from starts at the last minute and sitting when the doctors say he can play, etc.  Artest and Yao and the rest of the team are playing through pain and injury, but not the $20 million man.

It is getting old.

It is noted in the piece that McGrady's game has deteriorated dramatically.  The days of T-Whack carrying a team, any team, are over.

Which creates a bad situation for Houston.

Houston cannot unload him now because of the salary, but next year he is owed as much ($22mil) and even if the Rockets share half of that burden with a proposed trade partner, what team is gonna want to pay $11 for next year when the guy is clearly past his prime and either hurt or sits half the time?

1/14/09   |   Jubanator14   |   367 respect

So the number two option (at best) for the Rockets want the oft injured and one of only like three first round picks to never make it out the first round (Grant Hill is on that list shockingly) star of the team gone?

If T-Mac got dumped by the Rockets, Yao's game would suffer. Yao isn't the impact player or even dominant player that he should be and I'd advise him to just be quite and be glad that no one notices that he hasn't got  out the first round either and hasn't played more than 57 games in any of the past three seasons not including this one of course.