You Know It's A Bad Baseball Season in Chicago When...

Cubs Stink. Sox Struggling. What is a Chicago Sports Fan To Do?

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June 20, 2012; Chicago, IL, USA; Chicago Cubs left fielder Alfonso Soriano (12) in the dugout during the fourth inning against the Chicago White Sox at U.S. Cellular Field.  Mandatory Credit: Rob Grabowski-US PRESSWIREIf you were not a baseball fan, but lived in the Chicago area, all you would need to do to know that that there is no World Series in Chicago's future this year on either side of the city is to open up a Sports page in the newspaper. Or turn on any sports radio station. No one is talking baseball. The front page cover of the sports page and lead story for the entire Sunday edition of the Chicago Tribune is an article about Brandon Marshall, newly acquired wide receiver for the Chicago Bears. The LEAD story for the whole newspaper! Training camp has not even begun. But they are talking football-already and have been since the Bears playoffs hopes ended months ago.

Turn on sports radio and talk again has been about Bears OTA's, Derrick Rose's recovery, NBA draft. It is only when they have covered every other topic, does it then fall to baseball. And then when the sports radio broadcasters start talking about baseball, the fans calling in to discuss topics only want to talk about the Bears, Blackhawks or Bulls. Gotta love Chicago.

The top baseball headline for the Cubs in the Chicago Tribune today (6.24.12) was a story about Anthony Rizzo possibly playing in a major league game this week. This is an upcoming minor leaguer that they have been anxiously awaiting to bring up to the bigs. I guess this is the week, so maybe there will be more talk about baseball. But I doubt it,

The NBA draft is this week, the NHL draft just occurred, the Olympic trials have begun, Wimbledon starts-you see where baseball is going to fall. There will continue to be significant talk about the Bears, DRose, the Bulls resigning players, Brian Urlacher's knee update. There is a lot of important sports news to cover. And then comes Chicago baseball.

The funny thing is, Chicago fans are still going to Wrigley, But clearly not for the baseball. The beer, the hot dogs, the experience for sure, but definitely not the baseball. And the Sox have been complaining that when they were winning, fans weren't coming. But now they aren't winning. So fans are still not coming. It is far-the Cell. 

There have been seasons I have watched the Cubs religiously. I attend games every year, but more because it's a great family outing or something fun to do with friends, not because the Cubs have given me hope. With Theo at the reins, I have hope for the future-but not the near future. The Cubs have looked awful this year. And lord only knows where to find a White Sox game on TV. 

Chicago loves its football, basketball and in the last few years, even its hockey. I know there are die hard Cubs and Sox fans, but I think they are in hiding this year. They don't want to talk Chicago baseball this year either. Chicago baseball stinks in 2012. Maybe better in 2013-if they can make the  Bears, Bulls and Hawks disappear.
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7/23/12   |   Fishchick17   |   36 respect

:). Always do.

6/25/12   |   Shaconage   |   39681 respect

If you are an avid Cubs fan....just do what you do every year...wait until next year.