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It's nice to have time to strategize, and don't think strategy isn't as much a part of what I do as sifting through piles of information every day. As you know, because I didn't come back last night to notify you, I did not make the play I was looking at with the Mavs. The strategy involved there involved analysis of risk vs. reward. By the time we had reached "critical mass" for making a decision on that game, I already had 2 wins in my back pocket. Given that fact, plus the reality that the Mavs have not been the most trustworthy team in the league this season, my decision was based on the fact that whatever happened in my still open ticket with Miami-Fla., I was still going to be a winner yesterday. It just didn't make sense to me to risk that on the Mavs at (-6).



Certainly, I could have made a move on Dallas on the moneyline, and don't think I didn't think about that too. In the end, though, I realized that, in climbing the mountain, sometimes you just need to stop and rest. The very small payout that would have come with a (-260 to -290) payout just wasn't worth the risk of ending up with what would have been a losing day at 2-2. So, all is well here in The Empire today, and I'm fully satisfied with the way things turned out. That's really all that matters anyway.



COLLEGE HOOPS (5-5 ATS/6-3 SU/6-4 TOTALS yesterday)

One of the things that we can take advantage with the "lesser" tournaments going on this time of year is the fact that these are actually home site games and not played at neutral sites like The Madness. That will factor in greatly to tonight's play in the CBI Tournament.



The NIT (1-0 ATS/SU/TOTALS yesterday)

1. Robert Morris (+7 1/2, O137 1/2) 69, PROVIDENCE 69

2. Mercer (+7 1/2, O143 1/2) 77, BYU 74

3. SO. MISS (-7 1/2, O144 1/2) 83, La. Tech 63



The CBI (4-4 ATS/4-3 SU/3-5 TOTALS last week)




WRIGHT ST. (-1, O128) 75, Richmond 68 - Both of these schools are below mid-major status, and that seems to create a stark difference in how they perform when they're on the road. Richmond won 19 games this season but only went 4-10 in road games. Wright St., on the other hand, is a squad that went 12-4 in their home games by playing better defense.




1. Houston (+7 1/2, O152 1/2) 83, GEORGE MASON 73

2. PURDUE (-6 1/2, O141 1/2) 83, Santa Clara 66

3. W. Michigan (+6 1/2, U127 1/2) 63, WYOMING 45



The CIT (0-1 ATS/0-1 SU/1-0 TOTALS yesterday)

Cal-Irvine (+4, U141) 67, ORAL ROBERTS 65



THE NBA (3-5 yesterday)



SU WINNERS (5-3 yesterday)




TOTALS (5-3 yesterday)

All games on the schedule tonight look like UNDERS - Grizzlies/WIZARDS (181 1/2), Heat/MAGIC (198), Hawks/PACERS (186 1/2), Nuggets/HORNETS (202), 76ers/JAZZ (192) and Lakers/WARRIORS (204 1/2)



BUTTA (no play yesterday)

JAZZ (-7) over 76ers - Both teams are on the b2b tonight, but as we know, the altitude of Salt Lake City will make it harder on the visitors than it will on the Jazz. The Sixers really left it all out on the court last night in what was actually quite a dominating performance. After falling well behind in the 1st quarter of that game, Philly went on to control things to a point where it almost looked like the Kings quit in the 4th quarter. We know the Sixers are going to play hard for Coach Collins. They haven't given up on anything in what has been a very disappointing season for them, but while the spirit may be willing, the flesh is weak. The Sixers will wear down and that size of the Jazz will wreak havoc with a Philly team that's only 1-13 so far this season when closing a b2b on the road. JAZZ 96, 76ers 84




1. WIZARDS (+3) vs. Grizzlies - I know it doesn't look right, but I'm telling you: The Wiz have actually turned their home court into an advantage this season, and with Gasol sitting this one out, the Wiz might have a good shot at getting something done here. WIZARDS 95, Grizzlies 75

2. Heat (-13) over MAGIC - The rich get richer. Heat 109, MAGIC 89

3. PACERS (-7 1/2) over Hawks - The Pacers should win this game, but without David West, this price is a little more than I want to pay. PACERS 96, Hawks 86

4. Nuggets (-7) over HORNETS - The Nugs were very lackadaisical in their last game against the Kings, but they still won. The Stingers have fallen on hard times over the last few weeks after it looked for awhile like they might be a good "live dog" as we neared the end of the season. Neither side is worth a look as far as I'm concerned. Nuggets 102, HORNETS 95

5. WARRIORS (-1) over Lakers - The Lakers might be sitting in that last playoff spot, but they've still got a lot to prove after choking away a 16-point lead at home to the Wiz in their last game. WARRIORS 96, Lakers 92



After the hoops blitzkrieg that is the first weekend of The Madness, it's kinda nice to have a bit of a "break" today. Have a great rest of your Monday, and I'll see you again tomorrow.

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