Young NFL talent taking over in Chicago

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsThe path to any NFL team is a hard one. For the veterans who have been in the game too often and on the hunt for glory, the trail often runs cold for their career.
Tom Zbikowski, Leonard Pope, Kyle Moore and Devin Aromashodu of the Chicago Bears are no exceptions from this hard truth and were part of the roster trimmings made on the training camp to fit the team to 75 players. The part which stings the most is knowing that they were not cut because there are players who can perform superior to them on their positions but were cut because the Bears have opted to choose a roster with young talent.
If you know the skillset of the players, you would understand that Aromashodu is far better as a wide receiver than Marquess Wilson and Joe Anderson. Moore has far more to offer to the team as compared to Cornelius Washington who is green around the edges. Zbikowski is clearly more prepared than Brandon Hardin and Leonard Pope still has his edge over Kyle Adams, Fendi Onobun and Steve Maneri.
Now the motive for cutting these veterans and favoring the young talent over them is that they have reached their personal best and will not improve. They have reached the peak or their talent and given their all. Each one has clearly shown his personal best. But the younger players still have to be tested. And chances are that they may have a far greater peak of talent than the veterans before them.
The new signings can be packed off sooner than expected but even though they are consuming time and resources of the staff, it is an investment well made as compared to the veterans being axed.
The team has made an investment in the young talent which has open prospects which the veterans could not often. They were predictable and could not be offer anything new. General Manager of Chicago Bears Phil Emery has spent draft resources on youngsters like Hardin, Washington and Wilson and if it pays off it will be a solid choice.
The young talent also has it easy. All they have to do is live up to expectations and do as the coaches tell them to do. The veterans like Zbikowski, Moore, Pope and Aromashodu had to do more than that. They had to become the center of the team and be the key to everything. That was where they could not live up.
The veterans may have a future in other places but for now the young signings are the focus. In a short time the evaluations will show whether they are worth the effort or are to be put on the chopping board like the veterans before them.
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