Young QB pressure

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With the ever-changing rules geared so much toward offensive players and offenses scoring more, pressure on quarterbacks has increased majorly. Add in the social media impact and you have a never-ending tornado of critics and commentary on their performance. 

Blog Photo - Young QB pressureWinning games no matter how their statistics look is the ultimate deterrent to criticism. Two of the young guns who have gone in total opposite directions in my opinion with this scenario are Cam Newton and Robert Griffin. Cam has been poked and picked at even with putting up good numbers. Some considered him a bust during last season. Now the Panthers have won 7 straight games and the critics have jumped off the bus. RG3 was riding high with commercials and praise from every end of the spectrum for leading the Redskins to the playoffs. Fast forward one season, and the team is basically out of the playoff race and the fire aimed at him has the pundits saying he needs to be benched. 

The humbleness of Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson I believe keep them on an even plane with the critics. Their teams win games, they stay out of the spotlight, so even in defeat they are not thrown to the wolves as fast. It will take major drops in wins and production from these two for everyone to jump of these bandwagons.

Colin Kaepernick lands in between those two groups. He burst on the scene midway through last season and almost won a Super Bowl. Now as a full time starter this season it's been up and down with praise and criticism alike. The 49ers have been winning games with not so stellar performances from Kaepernick and still, as the quarterback of the team, praise comes. They've lost more than anyone thought they would this season and he turns to Twitter for motivation by way of saving critics tweets. 
One thing is for sure; all of these young QB's are mentally tough enough to handle the responsibility of carrying their franchises even when the pressure is at its most high, something most of the critics wouldn't be able to do.

It will be fun to see which one cracks first. 

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