Your One Chance To Give Ana Ivanovic Some Tongue: She's Now On A Stamp

4/14/08 in Tennis   |   100%InjuryRate   |   1283 respect

There are a lot of "fans" of Ana Ivanovic out there, and as shocking as this sounds, it's not exactly because of her tennis game. It's because of her looks. Duh. Well, those fans perverts have something new they can do now besides troll Google images for pictures of her.

They can now lick her.

Not literally, of course. That'd get you 5 to 7 in a Serbian prison. But what is available is a stamp of the Serbian star that has just hit the market.

Ana is currently being featured on a Serbian stamp. It's a limited edition issue, specially created for the upcoming 2008 Olympic Games.
“It’s an incredible honor,” said Ana. “It's surreal. This isn't something I ever imagined would happen to me, especially when I am so young. But it's a great feeling."
Indeed, just don't think about what guys are doing to said stamp.

The stamps are worth 40 very tasty dinars (approximately $0.78) and can be used like any other stamp. 30,000 have been produced. The stamp (upper right of image) is sold with an optional envelope that also features Ana’s image - so you get twice the hot tennis player action you crave.

Enjoy licking those stamps.
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4/15/08   |   sportsgnork   |   44 respect

Who still uses stamps?  The only reason I have a mailbox is for Netflix, and those don't require stamps.

Stamps still have some value, collectible items more than ever, now.

4/14/08   |   sportsgnork   |   44 respect

Puma170 wrote:
I hope these aren't like scratch and sniff and they actually taste like... Wait, nevermind.

Depending on when they were made, before or after a match?!  That is key.....

4/14/08   |   Puma170

I hope these aren't like scratch and sniff and they actually taste like... Wait, nevermind.

4/14/08   |   sportsgnork   |   44 respect

She is 18, right?! (nervously stated by sportsgnork) Because the headline made me think dirty thoughts and I would feel very dirty old mannish if she wasn't, but if she is, then I would gladly accommodate her feelings of surreality.