Your definitive game list to watch NBA online for free

Which NBA games this year are being webcast online, legally, for free?

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Blog Photo - Your definitive game list to watch NBA online for freeThe NBA regular season tips off Tuesday night, and you can satisfy your basketball jones with marquee NBA games that are being webcast online for free. TNT and ESPN both let you watch NBA games online free, or "free with an asterisk". True basketball junkies who want every NBA game have affordable (and non-affordable) options with NBA League Pass.

Yeah, I'm sure many of you are familiar with the slew of pirated streaming sites available on the web. The streams are inconsistent, though, and those sites are generally loaded with sneaky malware and spyware bombs. Before you watch anything on those sites, I would highly recommend getting some antivirus software. Realize that those sites' business models are based on infecting your computer.

If you'd rather keep it legal and keep your computer clean, here's your definitive roster of which NBA games are webcast for free, or for "free".


Blog Photo - Your definitive game list to watch NBA online for freeThe only true free option to watch NBA games online is TNT Overtime, which webcasts many of the NBA games on TNT. On Tuesday night, TNT Overtime will double-header you with the Ray Allen's Miami debut in Heat-Celtics at 8 pm ET, and then Dwight Howard's LA debut in Mavericks-Lakers at 10:30 pm ET.

The broadcast is not the exact same as what you get on TNT. The online video player has four camera angle options. You can watch all four on a split screen, or choose just one for full screen watching. You do not get instant replays, and you're basically stuck with only the available camera angles. NBA games on TNT Overtime are only available live, not on demand afterwards.

For the entire season schedule of TNT's free NBA games online, check their schedule here. The games with the TNT OT logo are available to watch free online.

NBA ON ESPN Games Online

Every NBA game ESPN is showing will be available online "for free". I say "for free" in quotes, because it's only free if you already have a cable subscription. If you do have a cable subscription, use it to log in to and you can watch basically everything shown on ESPN. Here's the NBA on ESPN season schedule. Games are typically available on WatchESPN until 24 hours after their conclusion.

If Sprint is your carrier, you can watch every ESPN game for free on your smartphone or tablet with the Sprint NBA Mobile app. The app is free, and you can watch NBA games without a cable subscription.

NBA League Pass

NBA League Pass is your every-single game option -- but it gets expensive, and they will black out nearly live broadcast for your local team. NBA League Pass if $179 for the whole season on TV, computer, and a mobile device. For just the computer version, it's $26.99 monthly, and the mobile version is $49.99 for the whole season. The blackout restrictions, though, dictate that practically none of your local team's games will be shown live.

In other words, you might be tempted to cruise the streaming sites and just spring for some really good antivirus software.
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