Your guide to the proposed NFL rule changes

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Proposed rule #1: revise the replay challenge penalty when coaches throw the flag at the wrong time

You know, that play that screwed Jim Schwartz and the Lions oh so good on Thanksgiving Day. The way the rule currently works is that if a coach errantly throws the red flag on a play that can not be challenged (a scoring play or a play within two minutes of the end of the half or the game) then that play will not be reviewed. 

The revised rule would penalize the team 15 yards or a timeout, but still review the play in question. 

VerdictIt's Common sense, as much as we all enjoy seeing Jim Schwartz look foolish.

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Keep on chucking those flags, Schwartzy!

Proposed rule #2: on field goal attempts, no more than 6 men can line up on either side of the snapper

This is basically eliminating the field goal block-version of the wedge, a tactic that was deemed illegal on kick returns seasons ago. This rule would lead to fewer injuries that occur in the inevitable man pile that results from such a tactic. 

VerdictGood rule. As much as we all love man piles, seeing a rusher fly off the edge and block a kick with their fingertips is way more exciting anyways. 

Blog Photo - Your guide to the proposed NFL rule changes
Don't worry, the man pile will never be fully extinct from the game

Proposed rule #3: elimination of the tuck rule

Ah yes, the infamous tuck rule, the rule that launched a thousand [Patriot champion] ships. Here's the rule as written in the books:

When [an offensive] player is holding the ball to pass it forward, any intentional forward movement of his arm starts a forward pass, even if the player loses possession of the ball as he is attempting to tuck it back toward his body. Also, if the player has tucked the ball into his body and then loses possession, it is a fumble.

That underlined section is what came into play during the 2002 AFC championship game between the Patriots and the Raiders, and whether or not that's what actually happened on the field, or if the rule makes any sense at all is still hotly debated (the rule came into existence just 3 years prior to that playoff game, and is only used in the NFL). Either way, it's time for it to go. 

VerdictToo late. To loosely quote Russell Crowe, as we should all strive to do in our day-to-day, "the call made back on that fateful night in Foxboro will echo throughout an eternity." 

Blog Photo - Your guide to the proposed NFL rule changes
... Looks like a fumble...

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as long as Jeff Fisher keeps this tackle football then we'll be ok... but start taking the hitting out and replace with dance moves then the stadiums will be empty...