You're the play-by-play man for the Lions game on Sunday, how do you react when they lose?

12/28/08 in NFL   |   Terry   |   25 respect

Congrats unlucky fan you! You've been announced as the play by play man for the Detroit Lions-Green Bay Packers game this weekend! A chance to see history as the Lions will put 60 more minutes of God awful play on the field and lose for the 16th time this season. No team has ever gone 0-16 in the NFL, until this year it was unheard of a team ever doing it. So, how do you react during the final seconds of the game when you have to announce to the world that the Detroit Lions have become the first NFL team to go 0-16? Heres some ideas:

-Go crazy, a la Gus Johnson, as the clock runs down.
-Make a historic call that no one will forget and will always be shown on highlights in NFL History.
-Go the Joe Buck route and act like nothing amazing happened at all. 

Personally, I would love to see a guest appearance by Gus during the final 2 minutes. Who has the play-by-play duties? Chris Rose. Let's hope it's a good one.

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12/28/08   |   Variant   |   1 respect

send a player from the Lions to be a guest on the David Letterman show to talk about their team  accomplishment

12/28/08   |   Ryan   |   153 respect

I think you've gotta take one for the team and try to say something profound that will go down in history.

It's better to be remembered for something crappy than for nothing at all, right?