Yu Darvish apologizes for saying the Yankees paid Masahiro Tanaka too much

Yu Darvish: Jealous, or just joking?

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Feb 17, 2014; Surprise, AZ, USA; Texas Rangers pitcher Yu Darvish during team practice at Surprise Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY SportsIt started when Yu Darvish was asked about the new posting system that applied for Japanese players making their way to the United States.

His response: "I don't know all the details of the new posting system, but I think the Yankees gave [Masahiro Tanaka] a little bit too much."

Tanaka broke Darvish's record for the biggest contract ever given to a player straight from Japan, when the Yankees signed him to a 7-year deal for $155 million.

Darvish signed for 6 years and $55 million. The reason his deal isn't quite as enormous as Tanaka's is due in large part to the $51 million posting fee that the Rangers had to pay his former team in Japan.

With the new rules, the Yankees only had to pay $20 million for Tanaka, allowing them to justify a much larger contract for the actual player.

Also, of course, they're the Yankees. Money is no object in the Bronx.

Just in case anyone was wondering, Darvish was kidding. After much fuss was made over his comments, Darvish released a statement making sure everyone realized he wasn't serious.
"I am sorry if anyone took my comment seriously about Masahiro Tanaka at the press conference today. I assumed by the reaction in the room that everyone knew I was joking."

You can never assume things like that these days. And in fairness to those who assumed Darvish was serious, it's not like it would be an unpopular opinion if someone were to say Tanaka is overpaid. A lot of people would agree with that. You just wouldn't expect to hear it from someone who is a fellow member of the players' union, and another former Japanese player.

Tanaka's overpaid, there's no doubt about that. And yes, Darvish is probably a bit jealous that he isn't getting that monster contract that Tanaka got. But he's not mad. Relax, everyone, and try to take a joke.
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