best player in league

9/6/09 in MLB   |   UNC09   |   58 respect

Hands down no questions asked.... no if's, and's or maybe's.... albery pujols has to be the best player in the league rite now ... and possible if u combine the stats of this decade...  He has an amazing attitude... never caught up in the steroid talk... and he has placed a baseball city on his back...  although he has help now with the addition of matt holliday...and some great pitching... albert has come to play every single day, since his first at bat in the pro's...

As of this post albert is fifth in average .321, first in home runs 44, and second in RBI's with 111... this is off the charts with still with a good chunk of games remaining.... and the more amazing part of his statistical prowess is that he is better under pressure and at the end of the year..... this is off the hook.... 

I would say in an era of steroids and big talk no walk players.... albert pujols is a breath of fresh air... and a man among boys.... he is worth every single penny... and if anyone has noticed he is not in the papers of shows demanding more money or saying he is gonna hold out ......  The cardinals should thank the baseball gods everyday that they not only got a great player, but person, and personality...!!!!!

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