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do u know me?

12/17/08 in Rugby League   |   ann-marie_roxs   |   respect

                                                                                              he there!

hey there im ann i like playing sports im a acctive person but wen im bored i just go on computer,tv or stay in ma room and listen to ma ipod.
i go to school but im not telling you were i like all ma friends even though they pisses me of so badlly but i like them and i get over it really quicklly i love chatting to people the ones that i no not random people or people that i dont know coz i hate that and they ask you lots of CRAP!!!! and piss you of and ask for your picture and every thing that wat pisss me off manlly LOL. i love my familly they are the best especailly my 2 old brothers they are the best and my mum and dad.

well i hate some people is because they get to be all cool and no every thing and when you ask them they dont know any thing or like they act to be pretty and stuff and reacon they can get all the boys and stuff and show off around and SHIT!!! well sometimes the boys just use them and there money or wat ever and cheat behined there back and dont tell them untill theres are big fight beetwen them two couples.LOL haha

well thats all i have to say haha and if you wana now me more add me on and REMEMBER that ask me all them CRAP!! coz ill block u or wont talk to u
laters i hope you enyoj it
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