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fantasy fishing pick em based on pro bass tour. Come join us

6/1/08 in Fishing   |   eddino55   |   3 respect

Have a Fishing league at ESPN, that you'd might like to give a try all of you fantasy sports fans, or fishing fans out there.  I have made 3 leagues in one out of it via spreadsheet an individual competition based on a point system, I devised( anyone who joins will be instantly added to that one and can see , how far they can  move up the ranks in the few remaining weeks, or just see how you do in each tournament vs the rest of the groups picks, as each tournament is a competition unto itself. The 3rd game is the 5 boat challenge , where I have diivied up the group  into 5 teams of 6 and have them competing vs one n other in a total points game head to head kept over the course of the seaon. You might make it on one of the boats if any of the other players dies out before the season is over Give it a try and see if you'd like to join us again next year ye fishermen and women. It's called the super 6 pick em game there at ESPN, and based on the pro bass tour, much like Nascar and golf fantasy games. and our league is called EARNEST T BASSIN with the password CHARLENE.
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4/8/10   |   borisjelic1

come out easy and you don't have to worry about animals in the amazon rainforest