oklahoma and ohio state

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There's a problem on Elm Street for these two teams, and not even an angel sent from the college football heavens will be able to help these teams.

First let's take Ohio State, they had a tough time against NAVY, lol, and despite an interception, that if completed would have tied the game at 29, was the only real bright spot.  Showing determination, and grit under pressure is always an accomplishment that can be celebrated, but again opponent, NAVY.  No disrespect to NAVY, but give me a break, this is college football not the arm forces, and further more O state is a top ten program year in and year out, and the spread on this game was what 100, well maybe not 100 but 25 to 30 for sure.  Some may say well first game of the year teams are bound to have tough times, agreeable, rushing game that is sub par to their standards at best, a system quarterback, one real threat at wide receiver, and USC coming to town soon, I'M thinking national championship hopes are GONE!!!!  Further more you have Penn State in the conference ready to do the damn thing.  I don't like Penn State or the Big Ten conference for that matter, but O state is done.  Then whats even worse for the Buckeyes is they actual gave up 27 points to NAVY, where the hell was the defense at. 

Now for Oklahoma, this i think is funnier than Ohio State, with four new offensive lineman, Bradford hurt, a back up quarterback that looks like, well for better words, dog droppings, and probably by far the toughest conference in the WORLD in the Big Twelve, with Texas, Mizzou, Oklahoma state, Texas a&m, Nebraska, Kansas state, all in or around the 25, is ridiculous.  And how can u feel if you're Bradford, who could of easily came out, been one of the top three quarterbacks taken, and been a millionaire by now, instead your on the sidelines watching your back up stink up the place, and having lost to a team that in UTAH is ummmmm awful.  Then Oklahoma only scored 13 points, against Utah defense, the juggernauts were out huh... lmao.....  Oklahoma is done too...

Ohio State and Oklahoma should play in the fallen hopes bowl.... !!!!!!!!!!1
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postumup wrote:
I feel you made a point and then another and couldn't have said it better.

hey is what it is ... nothing but the truth..... what myght be my next website... nothingbuttruth.com lol... go buckeyes

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I feel you made a point and then another and couldn't have said it better.

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Go Ohio ST