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unc killing arizona

6/18/09 in NCAA Baseball   |   kamvolleyball   |   respect

unc is killing arizona the reporters say that the pitcher for arizona is pitching good the score is 4-0 unc he is not even trying to get the ball to the right place he is working on making it fast and this is there last game i think they would at least try!! matt harvey is killing he gives away some balls but over all he is doing better than i thought he would unc is doing exactly how i expected them to play there stealing bases, getting home runs, harvey is getting outs, out fielders are catching balls that come out there there is nothing i can possibly say that there not doing i mean matt harvey is starting to mess up but other than that were doing pretty well this is a elemenation game i don't think arizona is trying hard enough if i were there coach i would be mad but it doesn't bother me as long as unc whens i'm happy (and by the way roy williams is there)
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