Another Awful MLB Post Season

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I feel as if I have had my post season ripped away from me once again.  Just as many felt in 1994 when the strike removed it, I feel this year...

Donovan Decides the World Has Gone on Long Enough Without Him Playing

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That's right.    His royal highness Landon Donovan has deeded he now has "the itch" to play again.  He will...

USA announces WBC Roster

1/17/13 in MLB   |   ML31   |   3675 respect

So this morning the United States announced their roster for the upcoming World Baseball Classic.  Once again I am underwhelmed by who was ...

Islanders to move from Uniondale

10/25/12 in NHL   |   ML31   |   3675 respect

I had long predicted the next NHL team to move would be the Islanders.  Today it was made official.  Although I thought they would be mov...

The good and the bad of the new MLB playoff format

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So, Major League Baseball expanded their playoffs yet again.  This was not a surprise.  We all knew it would happen.  The surprise w...

The official NBC SUCKS thread

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Thought it might be nice to put the NBC Olympic bashing in a thread.  Especially when I heard the latest 'eff you' they did to the country.

As another Olympic Games begin, it gives NBC more reasons to lie to their viewers

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So, NBC will be lying to a great many viewers yet again starting Friday when they broadcast the Vancouver Winter Games Opening Ceremonies.&nbs...

Is Baseball Headed Toward the Inevitable? The Thanksgiving Classic in Florida!

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That's right.  November with a 'Novem'.  The last time this happened was in 2001 but there was a decent excuse then.  The season was...