Cleveland Couch Fan

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After watching the Browns face the Dolphins last Sunday I was reminded, yet again, of the old saying, Pre-Season means nothing. The Browns offense ...

The Tribe Will Continue to Rebuild [2010 MLB Previews, Indians]

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2010 Cleveland Indians:  Additions- 1st/3rd/OF Russell "The Muscle" Branyan, OF Austin Kearns, SP Mitch Talbot (who?), C M...

Looks Like It's Going to Be A Long Year for Browns Fans [Cleveland Browns Preview]

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The next stop on the nationwide NFL Preview Tour takes us to Cleveland.    The 2009 Cleveland Browns enter the season with questi...

Tribe in '09

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The Tribe endured a myriad of injuries last season and still finished .500.  Don't expect that lying asshat Delluci to even be on the team.&nb...

My Fantasy Posts

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I am not your average everyday Fantasy sports player, but I am willing to share my thoughts.  I am more than your average player.  I will...

Wake Me Up When September Comes!

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Playoffs are everywhere.  To be honest I do not care.  Wake me up when the NBA finals are complete in 2 months.  I will awake for t...

OH THE MADNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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If Memphis could shoot free throws they would win the tournament with ease.  But they can't so i am taking Kansas or UCLA.


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Enough already...sick of seeing it on the "Bottom Line" of espn.  Also espn, quit puttin that damn Patriots Pursuit of Perfection on...