Yi Gads! A Fantasy Obituary for Shawn Marion

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There was a time when Shawn Marion was the best fantasy player in all the land. This was especially true in turnover leagues (Marion at his worst a...

Nothing Says, "No Way We're Making the Playoffs" Like Shooting at the Wrong Basket.

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In a game featuring two of the NBA's worst teams, Nate Robinson added insult to a game that was already an injury to the basketball starv...

When Are You Too Much of a Fan? When Your Entire Wedding Reception Is Dressed in Ravens Gear.

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Baltimore Ravens Wedding from Casey Carter on Vimeo. I love my Red Sox and Celtics as much as the next guy. I have jerseys in the closet...

MLB Has a Little Captain in Them...Brent Celek Approves.

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Last week we reported how the NFL came down hard on Brent Celek for striking the "Got a Little Captain in You" pose after scoring a touch...

Good News: Tim Floyd Is Not Unemployed. Bad News: He's a Bouncer in a SoCal Casino.

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I know you have all been wondering whatever became of Tim Floyd after his ignominious departure from the ranks of college basketball coac...

I'll See Your Fairbanks-Ravaging Grizzly and Raise You a Solar System-Destroying Polar Bear

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Just when you thought you had seen the worst poorly-animated, sports-promoting bears had to offer and it was safe to go back to Fairbanks...


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Tase Me Out to the Ballgame, Tase Me Out With the Crowd

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Here's a lesson to all you A's fans thinking of attending a game at the coliseum: Don't get drunk, move down to the nice seats and star...

The Greatest Hole-in-One You Will See This Year...Or Ever.

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Leif Olson hit one the coolest hole-in-ones you are ever likely to see. Unless you were glued to the set for the Canadian Open you probab...


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Yankees Start New Fan Club: Yankees Universe. Previously Overbearing Red Sox Nation Suddenly Seems Quaint.

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In a move that reeks of desperation and blatant over-compensation, the New York Yankees have created a new fan club called the Yankee Universe. The...

Brock Lesnar Insults Frank Mir, Bud Light and Possibly His Own Wife.

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Here is the much-discussed Brock Lesnar post-fight interview from UFC 100. Lesnar holds discourse on Frank Mir's intestines, his choice in light be...

Latest Crazy NBA Trade Rumor: Amar'e To The T-Wolves for Al Jefferson and the Sixth Pick

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The NBA season may be over but the rumor season is just getting started. We have a doozy for you. Marc J. Spears of the Boston Globe is reporting:...


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This is just a test. test test test test test test test test

A Lot of Trades, Not a Lot of Value

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The NBA trade deadline has come and gone and if you missed it, you can be excused. Not a whole lot of trading went down.  After a fortnight of...