Shaq's Heart Is As Big As He Is

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The Fayetteville Observer is reporting that Shaq has paid for the funeral of a young girl that was kidnapped and murdered in North Carolina.  ...

The Kings court is filled with jesters.

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Two years ago while filming his movie More Than a Game, LeBron and director Kristopher Belman filmed at an apartment complex where James grew up. A...

All the Wrong Moves

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The Browns were saying all the wrong things after Sunday's loss to the Lions. Many were complaining about the officiating and especially the pass i...

Browns sign ex Steeler linebacker and another young reciever.

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The Browns have signed linebacker Arnold Harrison. Harrison has been with the Steelers the last four years getting 2 starts and totaling 12 defensi...

Alomar Jr coming back to Cleveland.

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Sandy Alomar Jr is headed back to the Cleveland Indians, this time as a first base coach.

Have you seen me?

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Where is Brian Robiskie? Is he a draft bust or is this just another example of Manginis idiocy? The Browns season is over and has been for a while ...