Rowand's Landing Gets a 2.4 From the Russian Judge

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For those who haven't seen it, I couldn't find a video that I was able to post, but it can be seen on Aaron Rowand and Chase Utley collided in a horrific crash in center field during tonight's Cubs-Phillies game.

Being there in person, it was something to see.  With Utley going out full speed and Rowand coming in to try and catch the pop-up, Rowand tried to avoid Utley at the last second.

Unfortunately, that didn't work and Rowand went tumbling over Utley crashing into the ground harder than he hit Utley.  He landed, according to the article, on his wrist, neck and head.  From my view, it looked mostly like his head, and he was definitely woozy as he was helped/carried off the field by his teammates.

This is probably the second worst collision I have witnessed in person at a ball game.  The worst was back in the playoffs a few years ago in Oakland.  Johnny Damon was the victim in that one and he wasn't moving on the field when he collided.  They needed an ambulance to drive into the outfield to help him onto a stretcher and leave the ballpark.  Definitely not pretty.  At least Rowand was able to stand up.

I am sure more will be coming on the injury but I wanted to throw in my first hand take of the incident.

(Editor's Note: I think if he would have shown a little more pizazz on the scissor kick there, he would have topped 3.0)

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8/22/06   |   CriticalFanatic

Broken ankle - out 5 weeks. After watching the replay I'm still surprised it wasn't much worse. Unfortunate for the Phillies who are making a strong push at the NL Wild Card spot.