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whose better

7/15/09 in Olympics, Summer   |   gymnast_lou   |   respect

Wose better which one is the best gymnast? The best gymnast they can be? This is about gymnastis about Shawn Johnson and Nastia Lukin. wich one of these gymnast is better? The diffrent people have therre didderent opinions. I think that shawn is better! Shawn may not do as many hours as all the other olimpic gymnast she may not have won as many medals. But shawn went to a real high schooland did her real homework insted of some home school homework she probably comunicated with her friends.
but its not the medals its how hard they worked there skills and the presentation. And you can tell bye the way she acts Nastia Lukin thinks that she it better then all of her teamatesin my possinion. For some reason i dont know why but when i saw shawn compete i knew i wanted to be just like her  and i know i can if I work for it!
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