PBA gets sexy

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I'm not sure who at ESPN thought of this unlikely marriage between Busta Rhymes of 10 years ago and the 2012 PBA (Professional Bowler's Ass...

Post-Open Observations and Rankings Thru the U.S. Open

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DONNIE LAYMAN: Post-Open Observations and Rankings by Jason Thomas March 2, 2010 04:53 By Donnie Layman Andy Morton is taking a week off fro...

people people people!

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I am so silent person, but of course loving, understanding and so romantic! 


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my life playsave


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today , i already tired ......... i get  to ready before cover my study .. many sub topic i forget..... no school....... no book....... n...

England's Boxing Authorities Are Holding This Woman's Breast Implants Against Her

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Sarah Blewden, 25, is a model who wants to start a boxing career. Her goal was to box for Britain in the 2012 Olympics in London. Unfortunately...


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its sucks


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Bowling is the only sport that I like to watch on tv maybe some basteball but not much of that either. Am an outdoor person

You'll Have A Hard Time Finding A Better Round Of Boxing

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One of the many reasons I've stopped watching boxing is that far too often two big names get in the ring and simply dance with each other i...

An old guy that can beat you in bolwing (and he's blind!)

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They say that the reason we watch the Little League World Series is because it reminds us why we love sports. They say the reason that Jason McElwa...

Barack Obama Pennsylvania Bowling Alley Visit Turns Into Guttergate

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Against my better judgment, here's some footage of Barack Obama attempt at bowling over the weekend in Altoona, Pennsylvania. Barack, w...

I just bowled my first 300 game!!!

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I just bowled my first 300 game today!!! (3/2/08) I did it in a team event in the Cortland City Tourney. I have been bowling in leagues for 11 year...

Finally, A Device to Make Bowlers Even Lazier

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I know you've probably been wondering for years, "How can we make bowlers even lazier?" It's pretty much impossible, right? No, no...