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FAQ Categories

Frequently Asked Questions

Known Issues Being Addressed
1. What is FanIQ?
2. Is FanIQ free?
3. Can I access FanIQ from my mobile device?
Code of Conduct
4. FanIQ Community Code of Conduct
Your Account and Profile
5. I can't create an account.
6. I can't log into my account.
7. I forgot my password.
8. How do I change my email address?
9. How do I change my password?
10. How do I change my personal information?
11. How do I upload my default picture or avatar?
12. How do I control the number of emails that I get from FanIQ?
13. How do I delete my account?
14. How do I hide my statistics and answers?
15. How old do I have to be to join FanIQ?
16. How do I change or keep my screen name?
Sports Bar
17. What is a FanIQ Sports Bar?
18. What does it mean to "Check-In" to a Sports Bar?
19. How do I cheer for a team in Sports Bar?
20. What kinds of bets can I make in Sports Bars?
21. Can I make bets against my friends?
22. How many QBucks can I win if I'm right?
23. What is the MVF Award and how do I win it?
24. What are Bar Points?
25. How can I earn Bar Points?
Q Bucks
26. What are Q Bucks and how do I get them?
Awards and Trophies
27. What Awards Can I Win?
Team Rank
28. What are Contributions?
29. What is Respect?
30. What is My Team Rank?
31. How Can I Earn Points?
Polls and Poll Creation
32. How does the scoring system work?
33. Numeric Input Poll -- How does the scoring work?
34. How do I win IQ points?
35. Is it possible to lose IQ points?
36. Where do I find polls?
37. Which polls impact my FanIQ weekly rating?
38. Who creates the FanIQ polls?
39. Who closes and scores the polls?
40. How do I change my answer?
41. How do I score my poll that I created?
42. What if a poll has an error or is incorrectly scored?
43. What if a poll hasn't been scored within 24 hours of the outcome date?
44. The outcome happened early -- how do I close a poll that I created early?
45. What is the difference between a prediction poll and an opinion poll?
46. What are Prediction Lists (PL)?
47. What are Opinion Lists (OL)?
48. Prediction Multiple Choice Polls -- How does the scoring work?
49. Prediction Lists -- How does the scoring work?
Trivia and Trivia Creation
50. How do I play?
51. How do I know if I answered correctly?
52. How do I create my own questions?
53. How do I report a bad question?
54. How do I report a technical issue?
55. Who are the Trivia Leaders?
Quizzes and Quiz Creation
56. How do I take a quiz?
57. How do I know which questions I’ve answered correctly?
58. How do I add my own quizzes?
59. How do I report a bad quiz?
60. How do I report a technical issue?
Follow Your Favorite Fans
61. What does it mean to follow my favorite fans?
62. How do I follow and stop following fans?
63. Can I decide who can follow my updates?
Inviting Friends
64. How do I invite friends?
65. Why should I invite Friends?
News and Fan Articles
66. How do I get a post featured in FanIQ Fan Articles?
67. Why become a contributor to FanIQ Fan Articles?
68. How do I submit a Blog (Fan Article)?
Photos and Videos
69. How do I upload a photo?
70. What are photo collections?
71. How do I upload a video?
72. What are video collections?
Locker Room
73. What is the Locker Room?
74. Where can I find the Locker Room?
75. What can I poll about?