Want to know me??

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>Jazlin Farisha >s.k. desa baiduri >Malaysia >10 years old >new here >7-8-1999 >need ur comment..

Obama’s Moscow visit: USA hooks Russia on AfPak.Obama’s Moscow visit: USA hooks Russia on AfPak. - By Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal

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Obama’s Moscow visit: USA hooks Russia on AfPak.  - By Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal   The American special guest in Moscow, Barack Oba...

bob nudd- greatest ever fisher

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bob nudd is fantastic he shows you the ways to put on a hook, bait and how to hold your rod. besides him there is matt hayes and mick brown. i gues...

Hi, YO!!!!!!!

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What up? Just wanted to tell you people that I love a girl named Andrea..

A little about me

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As you probably can tell by the smiley I dont like to write blogs. I will write a little something though. I will start by saying I have changed my...


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This is just a test. test test test test test test test test

gurls why do we bother

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haii haii gurls out thea why du we bother with those things called males when all they du is break our heartz all the time. why do we bother ...

Yeah It's Cool, But It's Only A Marlin

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During the summer months, when literally nothing is going on except baseball, strange sports seemingly start to pop out of the woodwork. ...

fantasy fishing pick em based on pro bass tour. Come join us

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Have a Fishing league at ESPN, that you'd might like to give a try all of you fantasy sports fans, or fishing fans out there.  I have made 3 l...


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so  how  many  fish  have  u  caught  in  the  past

catfish noodling

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It ' s just a catfish, he won't bite! For all  those crazy guys who go 'noodling' for catfish and stick their arms down the fish's throat!! ...


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I was going to wirte something but I may have misremembered


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Have a Fishing league at ESPN , that I have made 3 leagues in one out of. If you are a fishing fan or fisherperson, you'd might just enjoy these ga...