Game Time: Sat, Jun 9 @ 9:00 PM ET
Manny Pacquiao
Manny Pacquiao
Timothy Bradley Jr
Timothy Bradley Jr
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Pacquiao Retains the Belt But Will Get The Loss. Rematch Time And For The Real Winner. WBO Says..
Manny Pacquiao 6/26/12

If it wasnt fixed then how did Bradley know the exact date for a rematch!!!!!, I seen this fight from begining to end and all I could give Bradley was @ best 2 rounds, whoever says different must have been watching a different match with some other fighters, Bradley should have manned up to it.
Manny Pacquiao 6/20/12

How much were those score cards fixed?.... all to set up a rematch... for $$$$$.

The whole sports world can see this. Even NFL players were complaining.
Manny Pacquiao 6/10/12

wrote: overated .you on too much soda what you a chikenmayweather fan . pacman is the best fighter pound for pound.
You are as crazy as you sound that boy is not that good, just popular. Now I see your comment after the Bradley fight, and I have to admit he did not lose that terrible amateur bout, but he is not what the fanatics and media has made him, he's slow, he foot work is awkward and he one decent punch, (that straight left hand). The rest of his arsenal are garbage). You need to wake up and truly look at what you consider is the best pound for pound. Mayweather would eat that boy alive at his old age. For Pacquiao it's fitting Karma, because Juan Manual Marquez beat his azz and they gave the fight to Pacquiao
Timothy Bradley Jr 6/10/12

I was rooting for Bradley, but I have to keep it real, I had the guy (Bradley) maybe winning 1 round. That was truly and ugly fight and both fighters looked like off balanced amateur fighters. I am not fan of what I consider a very overrated Pacquiao, but he did win that fight. I know the promoters are looking to make some money on the re-match but com' on man. this was not even close
Timothy Bradley Jr 6/10/12

Somebody got robbed big time! I am still trying to figure out which fight the judges were watching!

Bob Arum says he's going to make millions on a re-match. Sounds like the judges already have!!!
Manny Pacquiao 6/10/12

Pacquiao lands 94 more punches in the fight. Pacquiao landed 34% of his punches to 19% for Bradley. Before the decision came in, Bradley said, "I tried hard, but I couldn't beat the guy." Unbelievable!!!
Manny Pacquiao 6/10/12

Manny got robbed big time by the judge!

overated .you on too much soda what you a chikenmayweather fan . pacman is the best fighter pound for pound.
Manny Pacquiao 6/9/12

want to watch this i use to get this stuff online anone know how shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh don't tell cable or congress.
Manny Pacquiao 6/9/12

pac man unbeatable spped power takes a punch bradley isaggresive,that will be his downfall 8th round ko.
Manny Pacquiao 6/9/12
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