Game Time: Wed, Jan 23 @ 8:00 PM ET
Los Angeles Lakers
Los Angeles Lakers
Memphis Grizzlies
Memphis Grizzlies
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2 pts apparently, per espn
derms33 wrote: Dwight Howard 4 pts and 14 minutes and hurt again...this guys an epic bust for LA, time to move on
Dwight Howard 4 pts and 14 minutes and hurt again...this guys an epic bust for LA, time to move on
this team is a f-in joke
Go LA, time for some Team Unity
Los Angeles Lakers 1/23/13
Memphis Grizzlies 1/23/13
Play the under for road dogs with rest like the Lakers that were on the road with a point spread between +3 to -3 and scored 90 or less points on 45% or less shooting, vs an opponent like Memphis that scored 90 or less as a home favorite of 5 or more in their last game. This average total around 184 points averages around 170 points. Memphis has played under all 12 times after scoring 85 or less points last out and 7 of 8 off a straight up favored loss. They are coming off a non conference game and have stayed under in 13 of 14 in this role. Over the past few seasons they have also played under 9 of 11 times at home after scoring 90 or less at home in their last game. The Lakers have stayed under in 5 of 7 off a loss by 10 or more points and will be stuck in a pace less half court game against a slow it down Memphis team. Look for this one to stay under the total.188

BHOWD wrote: LA or BUSS!!!
Or Phil....!!!!!!!!!
Memphis Grizzlies 1/23/13

LAKERS ARE SET FOR SELF DESTRUCTION before the season finishes...
Memphis Grizzlies 1/23/13

heelfan811 wrote: The Lakers need a win like yesterday! C'mon guys!!
They didnt play yesterday and the day before they LOST to the Bulls,,...JUST SAYING
Memphis Grizzlies 1/23/13
The Lakers are in a mess right about now and the Grizzlies are going to keep them in trouble when they win this game!!!!!
Memphis Grizzlies 1/23/13
The Grizzlies are playing so well or the Lakers are playing so badly that I have to give this one to the Grizzlies!!!!
Memphis Grizzlies 1/23/13
The Lakers need a win like yesterday! C'mon guys!!
Los Angeles Lakers 1/23/13
The Grizzlies are just chomping at the bit for this game..
Memphis Grizzlies 1/23/13
being a laker fan since 1968, this has got to be one of the worse team i've seen. pretty talented but can't get along on the court. maybe kobe needs to shut up and try to make the pieces they have work. stop being a dam diva and make things get better like all the studs did before him. magic, jerry, wilt, kareem, james. it's not about him. when he figures that out; they might win a few more games. todays nba is more about being nice to the stars instead of making them put up or shut up
Los Angeles Lakers 1/23/13
This is coming from a Laker fanatic, they are pathetic. Another loss in a loss season
Los Angeles Lakers 1/23/13
LA or BUSS!!!
Los Angeles Lakers 1/23/13
Someone needs to fix this team
Los Angeles Lakers 1/23/13
My poor Lakers..Go us!
Los Angeles Lakers 1/22/13
Lakers getting the win....
Los Angeles Lakers 1/21/13
Let's go Grizzlies beat the Lakers!!!
Memphis Grizzlies 1/17/13
Los Angeles Lakers 1/17/13
It's S H O W T I M E
Los Angeles Lakers 1/17/13
Go Lakers!!!!
Los Angeles Lakers 1/17/13
the games aren't getting any easier. so we had betterstep it up and compete
Los Angeles Lakers 1/17/13
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