Game Time: Sun, Sep 15 @ 1:00 PM ET
Minnesota Vikings
Minnesota Vikings
Chicago Bears
Chicago Bears
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14-7 Bears
Chicago Bears 9/15/13
A wet game today...prepare for a low scoring and boring typical Vikes- Bears game..go AP...because he is all they have...
Minnesota Vikings 9/15/13
Well Bear fans.... once again this Bear fan living in Indy must go for a 5 mile walk and then to B Dubs to watch my beloved Bears. Peace Out and BEAR DOWN
Chicago Bears 9/15/13
Ponder will hopefully know what the Chicago skyline looks like as the Bears keep putting him on his back. What I am thinking is maybe the Bears could blitz at least once today
Chicago Bears 9/15/13
No need to state the obvious, but I will anyway. Just do not let AP break the big one. he is gonna get his yards..... just keep him outta the end zone
Chicago Bears 9/15/13
I still say good things happen when Forte gets the ball. Cutler needs to stay in the pocket and keep making good reads and take what the defense gives him
Chicago Bears 9/15/13
I am hoping to see a PASS RUSH from the Bears today. It was non- factor against the Bengals. One sack although it was a big one.
Chicago Bears 9/15/13
Well cant afford to start the season 0-2. Unfortunately Vikes dont fair well in Chi-town-- but I'm still picking an upset--GO VIKES
Minnesota Vikings 9/14/13
Go Chicago Bears !!!!
Chicago Bears 9/14/13
Going with the Bears to get their second win against the Vikings !!!
Chicago Bears 9/14/13
It already looking like the team will be looking for a new GM,Head Coach,Defensive Cordinator, and....a real QB next year...time to get the resumes out...Wake up more loss to a division team and you can kiss play-offs (PLAY-OFFS,PLAY-OFFS)...good-bye...
Minnesota Vikings 9/13/13
Sxy_Sarah wrote: Da Vikings!!
Da Bears!! ... Duh!
Chicago Bears 9/13/13
Minnesota Vikings 9/12/13
Could be a rainy day in the windy city...low scoring...running game could decide...time to step up "O" line and give AP a chance eh?
Minnesota Vikings 9/12/13
Da Bears ... Da Victory!
Chicago Bears 9/12/13
Chicago Bears 9/12/13
Vikings got this one!
Minnesota Vikings 9/12/13
After looking at the game ,Ponder should have had 4 interceptions, ..give him one more game...what a waste if he wrecks a talented team..
Minnesota Vikings 9/11/13
Minnesota Vikings 9/11/13
Stomp Vikings
Chicago Bears 9/11/13
AP will have a good day as he always does....but how long do the Kings (Ponder) the QB position...
Minnesota Vikings 9/11/13
justmolly77 wrote: Vikings
Bears !
Chicago Bears 9/11/13
Sxy_Sarah wrote: Da Vikings!!
not this week Kid!
Chicago Bears 9/11/13
Go Bears Go!
Chicago Bears 9/11/13
Da Bears will pull the horns off the Vikings!
Chicago Bears 9/11/13
Bears claw out the win at home
Chicago Bears 9/11/13
jacke1956 wrote: Vikings...POOR COACHING...Bad QB...Lots of talent...Can't give up yet though...
My eye tests are seeing the same things
Minnesota Vikings 9/10/13
Time to change pitchers...get Cassell out of the bull pen...
Minnesota Vikings 9/10/13
If Kevin Williams is back and Ponder takes a seat Vikings might have a chance...
Minnesota Vikings 9/10/13
Minnesota Vikings 9/10/13
Vikings...POOR COACHING...Bad QB...Lots of talent...Can't give up yet though...
Minnesota Vikings 9/10/13
The Vikings remind me of the team that was good before Brett Farve arrived;...Ponder will make a good back-up someday but he is no starter and the coaching for the Kings is pathetic and short-sighted. It is looking like the Bears are well coached this year...GO Vikings..but Bears will make it a good game!
Minnesota Vikings 9/10/13
Chicago Bears 9/10/13
I went to the Vikings Facebook page this morning and every fan is screaming bench Ponder. I agree to a certain extent, the NFL is now QB driven league. if you do not have a decent quarterback you are not going to win in this league. Christian Ponder is just not cutting it. I know it's only the first game but I always look at the big picture, and the big picture for the Vikings quarterback situation is missing a lot of pieces. sure the Vikings made the post season last year but that was strictly because of Adrian Peterson, he cannot do it by himself he need some help. the Vikings have a good core of receivers but they need someone to give them the ball. ponders ineffectiveness made the Detroit Lions defense look great and they are not that good
Minnesota Vikings 9/9/13
Chicago Bears 9/8/13
woodsmoke14 wrote: Da Bears!
Da Vikings!!
Minnesota Vikings 9/8/13
Minnesota Vikings 9/6/13
Da Bears!
Chicago Bears 9/4/13

This is a pinnacle game for both teams, sharing one of the toughest divisions in football. With AP, nothing is impossible; and if a young Vikings defensive backfield can keep the Bears passing game in check, this one can have a surprise ending. Ironically, it will be the play of the Vikings line-backing corps that will be the major factor in any possibility for a Vikings victory.
Minnesota Vikings 9/2/13
Bears !
Chicago Bears 9/2/13
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