Game Time: Mon, Dec 2 @ 8:30 PM ET
New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints
Seattle Seahawks
Seattle Seahawks
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Crush Em!! Seahawks..
Seattle Seahawks 12/2/13
Go Hawks!
Seattle Seahawks 12/2/13
Saints! Saints! Beat those seahawks.
New Orleans Saints 12/2/13
don't like either team, the Seachicks trying to use the Texas A&M motto of 12th man is a joke, come up with your own stuff .................. I think these birds win though
Seattle Seahawks 12/2/13
Seahawks win
Seattle Seahawks 12/2/13
Should be a great game tonight
Seattle Seahawks 12/2/13
krsmntng wrote: This will be a close game. The Seahawks may be to sure of themselves and give the game to the saints due to errors.
if they are not on their game it could happen but i am hopefull it won't
Seattle Seahawks 12/2/13
Dream_Machine wrote: Game Day It Is.... Time for a Seahawks win. Yeah Buddy!
yea its almost that time Go Hawks!
Seattle Seahawks 12/2/13
This game will be about defense Go Hawks!
Seattle Seahawks 12/2/13
Game Day It Is.... Time for a Seahawks win. Yeah Buddy!
Seattle Seahawks 12/2/13
The Seahawks will get the home win.
Seattle Seahawks 12/2/13
The last couple of weeks, Brees has been slightly off target...the 'Hawks will pick him off a couple of times tonight!
Seattle Seahawks 12/2/13
Seahawks by a touchdown!!
Seattle Seahawks 12/2/13
Seattle Seahawks 12/2/13
with the Seahawks being at will be kind of hard for the Saints to beat them. LET'S GO HAWKS !!!
Seattle Seahawks 12/2/13
A good Monday night football game and the Seahawks will win it.
Seattle Seahawks 12/2/13
WOW! Saints vs.Seahawks on MNF! I hope Drew Brees packed his N-Quil,.Seahawks definitely will attempt to freeze the Brees, but Saints gonna put Russell in a tussle!
Tough call?!
New Orleans Saints 12/2/13
I am not sure who will really win. All I know is I like the Saints better.
New Orleans Saints 12/1/13
Brees and the Saints are tough, but the Hawks are tough at home. Seahawks by 6..
Seattle Seahawks 12/1/13
Seattle Seahawks 12/1/13
they will be victorious
New Orleans Saints 12/1/13
The saints will march in to win.
New Orleans Saints 11/30/13

This is going to be one hell of a game. Going with the best team in the league right now, the Seahawks, in the loudest stadium in sports.
I don't care what the other people say against the saints but they will win again night the seahawks on Monday 12/02/2013. The new Orleans saints will be 10-2 on Monday night. Also they will finish the 2013 season with a 14-2 record &
New Orleans Saints 11/30/13
Get ready for the FEAST MODE to take on MNF between the Saints vs. Seahawks! GO HAWKS!
Seattle Seahawks 11/29/13
hopefully, the Saints can pull off a win. I will firmly believe they can with no errors and a fast offense. The Seahawks can go eat on some dead fish because the Saints will bring it! Who Dat!
New Orleans Saints 11/26/13
Saints aren't the same team on the road. This game could go a long way in deciding who has home field advantage throughout the playoffs
Seattle Seahawks 11/26/13
Possible NFC championship preview, big opportunity for the Saints if they can get the win, they would have the tie breaker, and no one wants to come to Seattle in late January with a chance to go to the Super Bowl on the line. Drew Brees will be in trouble in this one, that Seahawk defense will be all over the short QB. Seattle wins this one going away
New Orleans Saints 11/25/13
This will be a close game. The Seahawks may be to sure of themselves and give the game to the saints due to errors.
New Orleans Saints 11/25/13
Two ways this game goes. Saints Win A Squeaker or Seattle Rips The Saint a New One. Either Way, Eardrums Gonna Bleed!!!
Seattle Seahawks 11/25/13
The Seahawks will soar past the Saints.
Seattle Seahawks 11/25/13
Go Seahawks !
Seattle Seahawks 11/25/13
I picked the saints because I like them better. It's hard to pick who is going to win this one.
New Orleans Saints 11/24/13
I picked the saints because I like them better. This is hard to predict this winner.
New Orleans Saints 11/24/13
I'll take the Saints, as always. But its going to take some really hard work! GEAUX SAINTS!!
New Orleans Saints 11/22/13
Sorry Drew "Summer" Brees and the Saints, but I still love you guys!
Seattle Seahawks 11/22/13
Myself, my brother Thomas and my special nephew Willie Gray got the Seahawks on this game! GO HAWKS!
Seattle Seahawks 11/22/13
Barely Winning Against The Hapless Falcons On Thursday Night, Seattle Should Be Able To Hold Down The Saints On National TV On MNF.
Seattle Seahawks 11/21/13
There Gon Be A Bash After The Bye Week!
Seattle Seahawks 11/20/13
Should be a battle, can't wait.
New Orleans Saints 11/20/13
Who Dat win
New Orleans Saints 11/19/13
This game should be very interesting! But definitely I have to stick with my Seahawks all the way on this one!
Seattle Seahawks 11/19/13
Seattle Seahawks 11/18/13
Seahawks win a close one and solidify their status as NFC's Best!
Seattle Seahawks 11/18/13
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