Game Time: Fri, Aug 23 @ 10:00 PM ET
Chicago Bears
Chicago Bears
Oakland Raiders
Oakland Raiders
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Hell the Full House marathon would be more exciting than this room...... OUT
Chicago Bears 8/24/13
WOW Pryor will last about three games if he has to run like that every game
Chicago Bears 8/23/13
I thnk the Bears can be pretty good if they can spread the ball around on offense....
Chicago Bears 8/23/13
I usually don't comment on exhibition games, but it's 27-3 Bears at the half, now I totally believe that the Bears will not be very good this year. So what does that say about the Raiders. Do we put them in the hapless category already......sheeze SMH
Oakland Raiders 8/23/13
That was Trestman's version of the fumblerooski
Chicago Bears 8/23/13
I wonder how Nick Roach likes it in Oakland
Chicago Bears 8/23/13
Did Jodie Sweetin ever get out of rehab?
Chicago Bears 8/23/13
Is Bob Saget still alive?
Chicago Bears 8/23/13
Would love to see the starters move the ball on O and hopefully Cutler can get acquainted with the other receivers on the team
Chicago Bears 8/23/13
This game has all the excitement of a Full House reunion marathon. Just hope the offense has no nonsense and no one gets hurt
Chicago Bears 8/23/13
Another exciting preseason football game and this one comes to us late from the Bay area
Chicago Bears 8/23/13
Let's Go Raiders !!!!
Chicago Bears 8/23/13
I will go with the Raiders to win this time since they are at home.
Chicago Bears 8/23/13
Bears get it together
Chicago Bears 8/18/13
RaiderNation stand up, Chicago sit down!
Oakland Raiders 8/17/13
Jay Cutler doesn't put fear in no defense...
Oakland Raiders 8/17/13
The Raiders' first unit offense had a difficult time stopping Drew Brees' and the Saints' offense... Jay Cutler is no Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, Stafford, Ryan, The Manning Brothers and all of those NFL elite QBs... I expect the Raiders' secondary to come up with an interception thrown by Cutler because he's known for throwing picks... Raiders' QB Matt Flynn has to make a statement in this game if he wants to be a true starter in this league... I expect Terrelle Pryor to be better against the Bears as well... The Bears can't always rely on their defense to win games...
Oakland Raiders 8/17/13
Liked the first team O line
Chicago Bears 8/16/13
DA BEARS! Of Course!!!
Chicago Bears 7/9/13
Da Bears!
Chicago Bears 7/9/13
Chicago, Welcome to the Blackhole.
Oakland Raiders 7/1/13
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