Game Time: Mon, May 6 @ 7:00 PM ET
Chicago Bulls
Chicago Bulls
Miami Heat
Miami Heat
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Now let that be a lesson to you boys and girls, if you have a lot of time off you get rusty and it takes a game or two to get back in the groove. I rather have my team coming into an advancement game having played 6 or 7 games in the series before the next round. It's not always good to sweep someone in basketball, it just looks good on paper. Don't worry Heat fans, Miami still wins the series, but it lets you know, you are not gonna get through this thing without sweating
Miami Heat 5/6/13
Miami taking this one...
Miami Heat 5/6/13
C'mon HEAT!! Take Charge in Game 1!
Miami Heat 5/6/13
The Heat will burn the Bulls.
Miami Heat 5/6/13
I give credit to this HOBBLING Bulls squad...Deng out with BACK problems, Rose out with a MENTAL block, Hinrich out with a bad ANKLE and J. Noah with a bum FOOT! That being said...The Heat win this series in 4 for the SWEEP!!!
Miami Heat 5/6/13
Heat being led by the MVP for the win!!
Miami Heat 5/6/13
The Heat prevail in game #1
Miami Heat 5/6/13
Bulls feeling the Heat....
Miami Heat 5/6/13
The King got his 4th MVP and he and the rest of the crew are going to show the Bulls how the game is really played !!! LET'S GO HEAT!!!
Chicago Bulls 5/6/13
I don't see how the Bulls got so lucky against the Nuggets......But I don know they want be that lucky against the Heat!!! This first game goes to the Heat at home !!!
Chicago Bulls 5/6/13
Now the Heat sat back and watched for a long time and might have gotten too much rest......But that want stop them because they are hungry for another Championship. So this one goes to the Heat !!!
Chicago Bulls 5/6/13
Heat will be way too much for the Bulls to handle in game 1
Miami Heat 5/5/13
I dont like the Heat.. But until the Finals come, I'l win more Q bucks..
Miami Heat 5/5/13
LETS GO HEAT!! Keep the Bulls from charging,they've reached their limit!! Give 'em an Early Exit!!
Miami Heat 5/5/13
Heat will be a little rusty in game 1, but they turn it on in the 4th to put themselves 11 wins away from another world championship. Heat goes up 1-0
Miami Heat 5/5/13
Go ahead, Miami, underestimate Chicago ALLLLLLL you want. Monday is BULLS' time!!
Chicago Bulls 5/5/13
Miami all the way!!!!
Miami Heat 5/5/13
Go Heat!!!
Miami Heat 5/5/13
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