Game Time: Wed, Oct 23 @ 8:00 PM ET
St. Louis Cardinals
St. Louis Cardinals
1 Loss: A. Wainwright (20-11)
Boston Red Sox
Boston Red Sox
8 Win: J. Lester (9-4)

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Red Sox train in Fort Myers and my sexy 30 year old body builder girlfriend is from Boston and wants them to win So GO SOX !!! Yes Calvin I know that logic sucks but since I don't watch Baseball EVER it's all I got !!
Boston Red Sox 10/23/13
over , start this off with some runs , last round was boring in AL and NL , minus the 2 big slams
Boston Red Sox 10/23/13
Burrellfan1 wrote: The Cardinals will soar past the Red Sox.
I will go opposite this guy, as usual , his MLB picks were awful , he kept taking blue jays
Boston Red Sox 10/23/13
Prediction: Red Sox win the title in 6 games!!
Boston Red Sox 10/23/13
let's go Red Sox Nation
Boston Red Sox 10/23/13
Let's Go Cardinals................Let's Go !!!!
Boston Red Sox 10/23/13
Since I am a part of the NL.......I will have to go with the Cardinals to win it.
Boston Red Sox 10/23/13
Scott wrote: Baseball's top two teams meet in the Fall Classic. Can the Cardinals get some redemption after being swept by the Sox in 2004?
Dream On--Let's GO RED SOX!! One game at a time,enjoy every minute!
Boston Red Sox 10/22/13
Baseball's top two teams meet in the Fall Classic. Can the Cardinals get some redemption after being swept by the Sox in 2004?
St. Louis Cardinals 10/22/13
Boston Red Sox 10/21/13
This will be my only comment during the whole series, I can care less about either ball clubs, but I do give them big props for making it to the World Championship Series. This is the first time I can remember in 10+ years that the two teams playing in the series had the best record in their respective leagues, so it is fitting that these two teams battle it out. I don't have a clue who will win this series, although I know it's all about pitching and on paper the Cards have the better pitching , but it doesn't mean a thing because the Tigers had the better pitching against the Sox and look where they are and the Tigers pitching is also better than the Cards, so it is too close to call. I will peak in on the series every chance I get. If the series is close to the last 3 of 4 world series it promises to be a good one that will go 7 games. May the best team win Play Ball!!

..... Redbirds in,.....6(maybe 5). GO CARDINALS!!!!!
St. Louis Cardinals 10/21/13
Let's Go Red Sox! Last October I never imagined another 'impossible dream! Thanx 4 Super 2013!
Boston Red Sox 10/21/13
Sox get the WIn !
Boston Red Sox 10/21/13
I wonder what Albert is thinking these days?
St. Louis Cardinals 10/21/13
The Cardinals will win!
St. Louis Cardinals 10/21/13
The Cardinals will soar past the Red Sox.
St. Louis Cardinals 10/21/13
Go cards
St. Louis Cardinals 10/20/13
The Red Sox will regret getting into the WS with the Cardinals. Go Cards!!!
St. Louis Cardinals 10/20/13
I am not a fan of either team but they did show they are the top two teams in MLB with the way they have played to get here.
Boston Red Sox 10/20/13
Red Sox !
Boston Red Sox 10/20/13
St. Louis Cardinals 10/20/13
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