Game Time: Sat, Nov 14 @ 12:00 PM ET
Michigan St. Spartans
Michigan St. Spartans
Purdue Boilermakers
Purdue Boilermakers
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Ratz Purdue, ya almost got em,! Good try!
that is a huge with for the spartans.
Wasn't very pretty, especially the Spartan defense, but a win is a win... The Spartans are now bowl-eligible and can end the season on a good note if they can beat Penn State at home next weekend.

Go Green!
So, Brett Swenson (K) is doing his best to keep MSU in the game with two 50+ yard field goals...   Just wish the Spartans would play a little defense!!!

Go Big Green .............Spartans have it all the way.  Show them what you have and send them back .......

Kirk Cousins was 22 for 25 in passing last week, yet Coach Dantonio still insists on playing musical chairs with his quarterbacks.   Didn't really hurt during last week's blowout over Western Michigan, but during a critical road game like today...  Cousins may be the best QB in the Big Ten - Keep Him In The Game!!!

Both teams are fighting for a bowl and although MSU has struggled on the road at times this season, I do think the coaches will have them ready for the one.  An easy win would be nice, but at this point, I will take a win in any shape or form.

Go Green!!!
Boilermakers to slay the Spartans!
boiler5678 wrote: why not?? the only two games we were close were @ Minnesota, @ Wisconsin
k. i was actually kinda serious when i said idk if i can say the same. watching them, (except michigan) everytime i see them they arent playing well. i dont have a lot of confidence in them. (losing by 15 and 37 to minnesota and wisconsin. however, state lost by 8 to both but a loss is still a loss whether it is 8 points or 37 points).

i'll find out this weekend how much respect for purdue i have after this game this weekend. i havent seen much of them except that W over ohio state. i havent sat down and watched a game, until this saturday at least.
why not?? the only two games we were close were @ Minnesota, @ Wisconsin
Michigan State could just as easily be 8-2 or 9-1.
i dont think i can say that about Purdue.......
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