Game Time: Wed, Apr 7 @ 8:00 PM ET
Detroit Tigers
Detroit Tigers
2 Loss: J. Valverde (2-2)
Kansas City Royals
Kansas City Royals
3 Win: K. Farnsworth (2-1)
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Sure would be nice to see this game... Fox Detroit Plus has decided to show the crappy Pistons over the Tigers... 

Time for the D-back part of the Granderson-Edwin Jackson trade (the better part IMO) to shine...I see that the former Yankers (Damon and Austin Jackson) came through, while Phil Coke was being Jamie Walker-like...What was up w/ those UGLY powder blue caps KC wore on Monday?...BURN THEM
Welcome to the Tigers, Max... you will be facing some tougher lineups here in the AL, but c'mon, this is Kansas City... You better mow these guys down tonight!
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