Game Time: Sat, Sep 25 @ 12:00 PM ET
Northern Colorado Bears
Northern Colorado Bears
Michigan St. Spartans
Michigan St. Spartans
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Hard to judge the Spartans on this one... on offense, the running game continues to look solid and Kirk Cousins finally had a really good day. The defense was able to force some turnovers, but this was not a very good Northern Colorado team... how will State look in Big Ten play? Guess we will find out next week when the Badgers come to town.

Go Green! Beat the Badgers!!!
Michigan St. Spartans 9/26/10
MSU wins big
Michigan St. Spartans 9/25/10
Michigan St. Spartans 9/24/10
Northern Colorado???

I know why teams schedule these types of games, but as a season-ticket holder, do I really want to see Northern Colorado? No offense to the Bears, but NO!!! What a total waste!

Wish this was a more attractive game, but I will still be there to cheer on the Spartans... the team is gonna want to win big for Coach D who will be missing this game while he continues to recover from his heart-attack.

GO GREEN!!! Beat The Bears and Win This One for Coach D!!!
Michigan St. Spartans 9/24/10
I believe, MSU's running game is going to explode this game!!!! I pic MSU to win by 14 pts.
Michigan St. Spartans 9/24/10
Spartans win big!
Michigan St. Spartans 9/24/10
The Spartans should win big as they go into the MEAT of their schedule!
Michigan St. Spartans 9/24/10
MSU spartans are the best
Michigan St. Spartans 9/23/10

Go Spartans!
Michigan St. Spartans 9/22/10
Easy win for Spartans!
Michigan St. Spartans 9/22/10
GO SPARTANS!!!!!!!!!
Michigan St. Spartans 9/22/10
Spartans have no trouble disposing of the Bears
Michigan St. Spartans 9/22/10
The Spartans will be wearing Bear skin clothing aftern Saturdays matchup
Michigan St. Spartans 9/22/10
MSU to be emotional and STOMP the crap out of NCU!
Michigan St. Spartans 9/21/10
Go Spartans
Michigan St. Spartans 9/21/10
MSU should win this game going away. The big ten steps up here against a small conferenece schools. MSU should win big
Michigan St. Spartans 9/19/10
The Spartans will roll over these boys for their coach, Mark Dantonio, who suffered a heart attack today...Go Sparty!
Michigan St. Spartans 9/19/10
wow...the bears must be bad because lonly 6%/1 fan is cheering for them!!!!
we outa win!!! LETS GO SPARTANS! LETS GO!
Michigan St. Spartans 9/19/10
Knowing the Spartans will not under estimate a team nobody has heard of. Haven't we been this route before? Play smart and stay awake!
Michigan St. Spartans 9/16/10

State will run the ball well, while assisting with the occassional great pass. This game will be fun to watch.
Michigan St. Spartans 9/14/10
Lets go Spartans
Michigan St. Spartans 9/12/10
WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO Keep it going BIGGGG GREEEEN. They are going to run over the bears like they are not even there.
Michigan St. Spartans 9/12/10
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