Dover AAA 400
Game Time: Sun, Sep 26 @ 1:15 PM ET
Kyle Busch
Kyle Busch
Kevin Harvick
Kevin Harvick
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Moving on up.....keep it going......
Kevin Harvick 9/26/10
Lots of football and baseball today, can't pay attention to the race, but I'm giving a shout out to my guy Kyle Busch for yesterday's Nationwide win...Go Kyle!
Kyle Busch 9/26/10
Lets get moving Happy....
Kevin Harvick 9/26/10
Starting 33rd.....pass em and stay out of trouble Happy....Let's go Racing....
Kevin Harvick 9/26/10
Both these guys are running great. Can't wait for the race
Kyle Busch 9/26/10
i'm embarassed, i mispelled orginization......geesh.....
Kevin Harvick 9/25/10
Love it when Kevin stands up for his Orgination.....=)
Kevin Harvick 9/25/10
Kyle...Kyle...Kyle...Kyle...race hard!
Kyle Busch 9/24/10

Go Get 'em Shrub
Kyle Busch 9/23/10
Sorry, I don't get this match up...Go Harvick, maybe next year Kyle.
Kevin Harvick 9/23/10
I have to correct myself, Kevin had some bad luck last weekend and still managed to pull off a top apologies for the oversight..Go Happy!!!!!
Kevin Harvick 9/22/10
Watch it LIVE and HOT!!
Kyle Busch 9/22/10
Still pulling for Kyle but i think the powers that be picked Denny over Kyle before this year even began.
Kyle Busch 9/21/10
Kyle...ya gotta' love the hard every week.
Kyle Busch 9/21/10
Kevin Harvick rocks!!!
hey keep cheering for him........
Kevin Harvick 9/21/10
It's like the up and down struggle hae has had for the past 4 years...I really don't know what's going on with Happy, but he certainly needs some better finishes in the next 9 races....
Kevin Harvick 9/20/10
NOt going to win a Championship with that kind of finish
Kevin Harvick 9/20/10
A 4th place finish yesterday, and a win would be great for Kyle this week.
Kyle Busch 9/20/10
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