Game Time: Wed, May 18 @ 7:00 PM ET
Detroit Tigers
Detroit Tigers
0 Loss: D. Schlereth (0-1)
Boston Red Sox
Boston Red Sox
1 Win: D. Bard (1-4)
Save: J. Papelbon (14)
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Sox eek out the win. Clutch hitting by Saltalamacchia for the 1 run. Pap with the save and Boston has won 5 straight!
Boston Red Sox 5/18/11
Detroit Tigers 5/18/11
This is a good game to have no runs in the 8th inning. All the Tigers has to do is get one run and hold the Red Sox and win!!!! LET'S GO TIGERS!!!!
Detroit Tigers 5/18/11
just read JL's comments on interleague play (the tigers play in pittsburgh this weekend)...the only thing i agree w/ leyland on is that both leagues need the same set of rules...the AL needs to repeal the DH
Detroit Tigers 5/18/11
Red Sox going send Tigers back 2 the zoo - make it 5 Wins in a row.
Boston Red Sox 5/18/11
GO RED SOX !!!!!!!!!!!!
Boston Red Sox 5/18/11
dieseldeej44 wrote: even w/ the 2 rainouts the tigers have had, i would've pitched verlander tonight on normal rest...don't like the tigers chances w/ phil joke starting
Not a bad idea... could have skipped Coke this time around and put him out in the bullpen.
Detroit Tigers 5/18/11
even w/ the 2 rainouts the tigers have had, i would've pitched verlander tonight on normal rest...don't like the tigers chances w/ phil joke starting
Detroit Tigers 5/18/11
The Tigers may have left a bunch of crappy weather back in Detroit, but my guess is it may not be any better out along the east coast. Hopefully these guys can dodge a few rain drops and get a game in today... I really don't care for any extra days off to help burn out the momentum, especially since the Tigers have been playing pretty well recently (minus a few guys like Benoit).

Let's Go Tigers!!!
Detroit Tigers 5/18/11
Things go better with Coke ... Tigers will find a way to make this one happen for them.
Detroit Tigers 5/18/11
The Red Sox will make a joke of Coke.
Boston Red Sox 5/18/11
Now I like the Red Sox....But.....I will have to go with the Tigers for the win tonight!!!!! GO TIGERS GO!!!!
Detroit Tigers 5/18/11
Red Sox win tonight,turn Tigers into 'pussycats'.
Boston Red Sox 5/18/11
Gotta Go with Boston, even though like the Tigers. GO, SOX!
Boston Red Sox 5/18/11
Lets Go Tigers. Hopefully We Don't Get Rained Out....Again
Detroit Tigers 5/18/11
Rain, rain go away my Red Sox's want to play! Go Red Sox!
Boston Red Sox 5/18/11
clay has thissssss !
Boston Red Sox 5/18/11
here we go tiger claw the red socks
Detroit Tigers 5/18/11
Tigers claw the Sox in beantown
Detroit Tigers 5/18/11
GO BOSTON !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Boston Red Sox 5/18/11
Another EZ win 4 Red Sox, Have a 'Coke' and a smile.
Boston Red Sox 5/17/11

Cheering for my Tigers!
Detroit Tigers 5/16/11
Boston Red Sox 5/14/11
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