Game Time: Sat, Mar 12 @ 6:15 PM ET
Texas Longhorns
Texas Longhorns
Kansas Jayhawks
Kansas Jayhawks
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Ok so where are all the Texas fans now? no where to be seen. in all honesty, though, i hope your Longhorns have a great tournament, and go deep into it. Just not as deep as the Jayhawks ! Rock Chalk JAYHAWK!!!!! Go Big 12!!!!!!!
Kansas Jayhawks 3/12/11
Beef, that what for dinner for the Jayhawks! Good win for KU
Kansas Jayhawks 3/12/11
Go KU. Beat those stinkin' Longhorns!
Kansas Jayhawks 3/12/11
Thompson will get the better of the Morris duo, adn lead his team to victory. Will Jordan Hamilton adding 20 points and 7 boards
Texas Longhorns 3/12/11
justmolly77 wrote: Texas
Texas Longhorns 3/12/11
Texas Longhorns 3/12/11
Texas wins!
Texas Longhorns 3/12/11
Hook em!
Texas Longhorns 3/12/11
the KUpcake talk is going back to the historic day of January 22nd, 2011... when my Horns travled up to the Phog and flat out embarrassed the Jayhwaks on there home court. What a game it was. Probably the best 2nd half by any team this season, and best that i can remember... I said i wouldnt talk $hit about the game today, becuase i know what KUpcake is capable of. But dont think for a second that KU is going to destroy Texas. I think its going to be a evry close game. Both teams will be very motivated to play. And of course leave it to a KU Morris to run his mouth in the tunnel after there game yesterday.
Texas Longhorns 3/12/11
Tough One Here & should be Exciting to the end! Two Good Teams! I enjoy the Jayhawks, however, 'L O N G H O R N S' Pull This Off !!!
Texas Longhorns 3/12/11
Do u Texas fan really think KU has forgotten what happened in Lawrence? And what is all of this Cupcake talk? Is that what u have to do to consul yourselves after losing all of those games? What 3 of the last 5 regular season games. To Neb., Colo. And KSU. What you should be doing is praying that KU doesn't bring their A game for the first time in this Tournament. If they do it might be a long day for all the Texas fans. Oh by the way if you were to look up cupcake as referring to a sports team, Texas fits the description more closely than anyone else. Beware the the second home of the Jayhawks today, it could prove costly.
Kansas Jayhawks 3/12/11
Im not going to talk $hit like i did hte last 2 Texas games, KUpcake is a hell of alot better than CHOKElahoma and the Aggies.... Lets got Texas!!!
Texas Longhorns 3/12/11
Here is sports knowledge for you... Last night Rick Barnes had Johnson/Hill run a pick and roll, then they sat at the top of the arch. That game plan will be a losing one if they continue to do that in the tourney, because all that does is create a double team on Tristan Thompson. which would be the beast of the Morris brothers!!!
Texas Longhorns 3/12/11
Texas cant play the same game they did last night against KUpcake... Texas needs to feed the ball to Thompson. He is becoming one of the nations top low post players!!!
Texas Longhorns 3/12/11
Here we go, should be a great game... HOOK EM'
Texas Longhorns 3/12/11
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