Game Time: Sun, Sep 4 @ 3:30 PM ET
Marshall Thundering Herd
Marshall Thundering Herd
West Virginia Mountaineers
West Virginia Mountaineers
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Go Mountaineers.................;))
West Virginia Mountaineers 9/4/11
Once again WVU is playing this game like they have already won. They better get it off of cruise control before Marshall upsets them.
West Virginia Mountaineers 9/4/11
Geno Smith will lead the Mountaineers to victory.
West Virginia Mountaineers 9/4/11
My heart is for Marshall to win this game, but I think West Virginia has too much talent to lose. Betting on WVU but not gonna cry if lose.
Marshall Thundering Herd 9/4/11
Mountaineers speed will be the difference, in this interstate rival game
West Virginia Mountaineers 9/4/11
Mountaineers are going to trample the Herd......................good way to start the year!!!!!!!!!!!!
West Virginia Mountaineers 9/2/11
Lets Go Marshall Take them Down
Marshall Thundering Herd 9/2/11
Our State's finest on display. Win or loose, they never disappoint!
Marshall Thundering Herd 9/1/11
eers by 15 points, no chance
West Virginia Mountaineers 9/1/11
this should be just a warm up for W.V.
West Virginia Mountaineers 9/1/11
Not sure of the outcome but as usual Marshall -vs- WVU will be a game to remember! GO HERD!!!!!
Marshall Thundering Herd 9/1/11
gin_girl2603 wrote: Like during frontier times, the Mountaineers are going to slaughter the Herd! When the musket booms, it will seal your doom!
This isn't frontier times, you see in frontier times they gathered sticks to build their fires, today they gather couches! Maybe not this year but soon The Herd will get the Mountaineer!
Marshall Thundering Herd 9/1/11
Marshall's always up for this game while wvu's taking a nap, looking ahead to next week. Maybe they won't wake up in time to avoid the stampede.
Marshall Thundering Herd 9/1/11
Like during frontier times, the Mountaineers are going to slaughter the Herd! When the musket booms, it will seal your doom!
West Virginia Mountaineers 9/1/11
The Mountain is near - Never Fear! - Blue and Gold shining within - G. Smith - Life is a game WVU Football is serious all ways!
West Virginia Mountaineers 9/1/11
GO mountaineers
West Virginia Mountaineers 9/1/11
So close to the start of the season. Cant wait to see what Geno Smith can do in Dana Holgersons system. Should be a great year. I think we win the BE for sure.
West Virginia Mountaineers 8/24/11
gold and blue all the way
West Virginia Mountaineers 8/22/11
Life is a game Mountain is near - Never fear!!! You'll play it and let them in the southern state hear the Love - Gold en Blue!
West Virginia Mountaineers 8/13/11
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