VIDEO: 40-person royal rumble breaks out at middle school girls softball game

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It may be a slow news day, but that there's no shortage of cray-cray to our end-of-week Internet distractions. Submitted for your disapproval, ...

MWV 10 and Under Travel Team on Fire in Districts Until Tueday Afternoon

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MWV had lost the district 6 tournament. They lost both games Tuesday and it was only a double elimination tournament.

The "Chosen One" Leaving High School... 2 Years Early?

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Bryce Harper is a 16 year old that made the cover of Sports Illustrated 2 weeks ago. He is a sophmore in a Las Vegas High School that has been...

Bailey hoping one pitch doesn't derail MLB dream

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Bailey hoping one pitch doesn't derail MLB dream <h1>Bailey hoping one pitch doesn't derail MLB dream</h1> Stuart Kantor Special to R...

He's Only 16, But The Hype Level For Bryce Harper Is Already Set At 11 Out Of 10.

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Every time a new prospect comes around, the hype machine starts rolling. Whether it's someone like Kobe or LeBron out of high school, Terrelle Pryo...

Texas HS Baseball Update

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Heights’ star system gives way to team of interchangeable parts By Carlos Mendez function PopupPic(sPicUR...

chicago white sox

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dear peoplz i came to  say  our season may start son WOOHOO! and sorry to say this but we rock sorry cubs

Kennet Eagles 8th Grade Baseball Team

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The Kennett Eagles are undefeatded. They have divided their one big team into two teams. There is Team Red and Team Blue. Nick Massa one of the Red...

My take on youth sports

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Having grown up with 9 boys and all their friends, baseball was as much a staple in my house as moms apple pie.  It was so much more thrilling...

4 No-Hitters In A Row Is All Right, But 5 Is Better [Blog Patrol]

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That high school kid is going for his 5th consecutive no-hitter today. [NY Times] An Arizona Cardinals fan - in this economy - quit his job to s...

the news for todayyy!

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wow this is better than news!:]

Tarheels Loss to the Florida Semnoles 3-14-09

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Thinking of the basketball game between the NC Tarheels and the Florida Seminoles has actually not changed a thing. Both teams played hard and well...


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